Liam Blackburn

Liam Blackburn


Currently at the University of Manchester studying English Language.

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  • Richard Langford posted 2976 days ago

    Richard Langford

    I would like to get a Jets fan's perspective on my preview and prediction of the upcoming Raiders-Jets game!

  • Dann Khan posted 3091 days ago

    Dann Khan

    hey liam
    I knwo you are not one of the main followers of cricket
    but right now we are goign throught chanign times in the world of cricket.

    And test cricket is something that really needs tp be saved. But I am not sure I or you can do it alone. I think we have to start by debating and discusssing this matter.

    So I launch the "Test cricket discussions series. I wrote the first article and am posting it on boards of people who can talk about this with inteligence. I hope you can contribute too

  • The Rant posted 3092 days ago

    The  Rant

    Mark Sanchez Holds The Edge Amongst Fellow Rookie Quarterbacks

  • Jacob Steinberg posted 3108 days ago

    Jacob Steinberg

    Demanding but enjoyable. A lot of late nights (regularly work till the early hours of the morning) and weekend work, definitely worth it though. Started out on the night team of the website but the whole section integrated in December so I've been subbing for The Guardian and The Observer.

    Good luck at ST - should be good with Wimbledon on (at least if you have nothing to do, you can watch the tennis).

  • Jacob Steinberg posted 3110 days ago

    Jacob Steinberg

    Hi Liam,

    Good to see you on here - thanks for the add! Have you graduated now?