Terrell  Hollins

Terrell Hollins


What's up, everybody? I'm Terrell Hollins, contributor to Celtics Town. I'm not the biggest Celtics fan in the world, but I'm as big an NBA fan as you'll ever want to meet.I live and die for the Milwaukee Bucks. I'm going to be writing articles for the blog involving news around the NBA and draft insight.

I am currently a senior at Brandeis University, where I play on the basketball team. We went to the Division 3 Elite Eight during my sophomore year, but only made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament in my junior year. Next year hopefully we can make a run all the way to the Final Four!

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  • Dann Khan posted 3026 days ago

    Dann Khan

    hey mate
    wrote on a problem in our lives as well as sports. I am putting it here, not because I want an AOTD or anything but just because I think this is the case


  • Dann Khan posted 3099 days ago

    Dann Khan

    He mate

    wrote a piece which I tried to make my master piece. Could you please cheack it out. Don't be scared of telling me if it is bad


  • Nick Gelso posted 3100 days ago

    Nick Gelso

    Hey terrell.

    Do you think if the Cavs add Shaq to their roster, they will be able to beat Boston?

    Would love your opinon on related article below.



  • Nick Gelso posted 3103 days ago

    Nick Gelso

    I will look forward to your top 10 lists this weekend. Post a comment on my Bulletin Board when they are complete.

  • Nick Gelso posted 3104 days ago

    Nick Gelso


    Please check out my article and tell me what you think...

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