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  • Mavs 113 posted 6 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Same man, I hate the Rockets but I respect the Spurs.

    I want LMA and Lawson in Dallas! Re-sign Aminu is a must!

    I'm not for anyone now, just watching the playoffs as a neutral spectator.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 12 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah i definitely agree with your theory that Khris Middleton can compliment any PG you put him next too, because he is a tremendous 3&D player, so i would be happy to get him, however i'm not too sure whether i want to spend too much money at the SG position, i want to lock in a PG and a C before we worry about throwing 10m plus to a SG..

    I'm now all for the Lawson sign and trade deal with Ellis. I don't think PHO are going to let Knight walk so i don't think Dallas are going to get him.

    Another name i've come to really like is Tristan Thompson, i would love to get him in as our new starting PF, and then pair him with Chandler, or DeAndre. Yeah i'm not too keen on Asik anymore, just after such a rough year in the Pelicans, i'm not sure he'll be the same player he used to be under Thib. But i do like Kanter still also.

    I see reports that Dallas really want Jae Crowder back, so that could mean that we won;t be resigning Aminu if we do get him?

    I'm not sure on Sarge and Powell, i feel like theres plenty other better back up C's that could grow into better players than those too. I would like to keep Sarge as a 3rd option but not Powell. Hey, if Charlotte don't resign Bismack BIyombo then Dallas should get him!

    Here's my new team.

    Lawson/ Harris (no Barea, he want's 3m per year, not worth it)
    McDaniels / Jason Terry
    Parsons / Crowder
    Thompson / Dirk
    Jordan / Biyombo

    Hey, you see Carlisle is selling his Dallas home>? I wonder if that has anything to do with him possibly leaving?

    Yeah sucks Wall went down and is possibly out for the rest of the season, this really was the time that the Wizards could have pushed their way right to the NBA finals.. Still, we managed to win game 3 today, Otto Porter, Brad Beal and Paul Pierce have stepped up and taken over big time! So exciting to see!

  • Mavs 113 posted 15 days ago

    Mavs 113

    We lost! :'(

    Lol, sorry to get back at you after 20 days? I kinda stopped going on B/R because there's nothing left to do anymore so I went to do my own stuff.

    How you been?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 17 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yes, ok i agree that Chandler brings so much more than just his stats to the table for Dallas, and i do love his heart, his passion and what he does off the court for Dallas, however a 5 year deal may be a bit much, maybe 3 years? But yeah, i would be happy to see him back, but at the same time i would be happy to see Dallas commit to a young new centre for years to come.

    So with your comments about pairing Jackson with a 3&D and Knight with a slasher, ok so how about Jackson and Middleton or Danny Green, and Knight with McDaniels? I like that, Knight with McDaniels (even though McDaniels offensive game is still really raw) i would be really happy, it would give a long, versatile back court that plays both ends of basketball, it would be a really solid defensive guard combo, with Parsons as a scorer at the 3.

    Yeah i've heard about these Lawson rumors and i theres a lot of talk that Ellis will bolt for Denver, so it makes sense that we would sign and trade Ellis for Lawson which i would be really happy about! Even though Knight is my favorite option, i would be really happy with Lawson also!

    Hmm about Aldridge, i'm not buying into it. Spurs want him also, and it just makes too much sense for him to go to the Spurs, if he goes to the Spurs he would create a new dynasty with Leonard and be the face of a franchise which is arguably the best franchise is sports. I don't see Aldridge passing on that to come to Dallas, i would be shocked if he doesn't go to the Spurs to be honest.

    Ok, so here's my new team based on the Lawson rumor.And Barea really wants to come back!

    PG; Lawson/ Barea
    SG; McDaniels / Harris / ??
    SF; Parsons / Aminu
    PF ; ????? Dirk should be a 6th man now, i want Thomas Robinson but he can't start, so for now Dirk / Robinson
    C; Jordan (fingers crossed) / or Asik/ STAT

  • Pursuit posted 17 days ago


    The cap rising in 2016-17 has nothing to do with the money role players will be paid now unless the team is giving them a contract with that rise in mind. That only applies to players that will get the supermax (25-30% of the cap) which will adjust as the cap rises. This is why so many teams are going to be trying to lockup their role players, prospects to long, reasonable deals.

    I doubt Beverley gets $5M and, if he does, we will let him walk. He's had the worse season of his career this year, has not played in more than 56 games in any season of his career (injury-prone), and plays the deepest position in the league (bench player on every other team).

    I'm sure teams will try to steal McDefense in RFA, but unless it's a ridiculous offer, ala Parsons, Morey is going to make them wait the 3 days, unable to sign anyone, and then proceed to match lol. I also think it is possible that Morey and McD's agent come to an agreement before he starts getting offers because there are better free agents (LMA, Gasol, Leonard, Love, Butler, Jordan, etc.) that will take the attention away from him.

    PS: If the aforementioned team is the one that we go into next season with, I'm perfectly fine with it being "expensive" (we won't be in the luxury). That's the current 56-win team (despite the most injuries in the West) + Joseph + old members of the team (Chemistry!).

  • Pursuit posted 18 days ago


    PS: Morey traded Canaan and a potential high 2nd Round pick for McDefense, who is not going to get more than $3.0M. Rookies with his contract structure never do.

  • Pursuit posted 18 days ago


    Morey has said we will be operating over the cap this offseason which is smart given the fact that the cap is getting ready to explode. We have $55.8M committed next season and the cap is reportedly going to be at $67.1M. That's $11.2M in cap space. Prigoni may retire and Dorsey will (hopefully) be traded (probably along with a 2nd Round Pick) for nothing, cash, giving us even more money. We can sign an upgrade at starting or backup PG using that money before bringing all our contributing players back. McDaniels is a RFA, we hold Beverley's Bird Rights, Brewer's Early Bird Rights, and we have the taxpayers BAE ($2.1M), MLE ($3.3M) to offer Terry, Smith.

    PG: Joseph / Beverley / Terry (vet minimum, BAE)
    SG: Harden / McDaniels / Johnson
    SF: Ariza / Brewer / Delfino (vet minimum)
    PF: Jones / Smith (MLE)
    C: Howard / D-Mo / Capela / Hayes (vet minimum)

  • Pursuit posted 22 days ago


    Y'all can't have McDefense. D:< Unless you offer him a ridiculous contract. We have his Bird Rights.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 24 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Ok, i know we are still away away from the offseason but here is my dream option for Dallas this offseason if we don't go with the rebuild..

    PG; Target Knight, if we can't get Knight, go just as hard for Jackson.
    SG; KJ McDaniels, if someone else gets him, go for Danny Green
    SF: Resign Aminu
    PF; Look at signing Ed Davis or Thomas Robinson and actually develop them, draft a PF with the 1st round pick also.
    C: 1. Kanter, 2. Asik, 3.Hill or go out and sign DeAndre Jordan- but i see him as an unrealistic option.

    PG: Knight/ Harris/ Barea (if he's cheap)
    SG: McDaniels
    SF: Parsons/ Aminu
    PF: Dirk/ Robinson
    C: Kanter/ Maybe sign Brandon Wright?

    This team gets much younger, and has a promising future. We need to look at replacing Dirk also, reduce his role. We get much more defensive orientated with Knight and McDaniels and Kanter still has potential to be a good 2 way player, otherwise adding Asik would make us a very good defensive team on paper. Theres 0 chance this team will happen but just my thoughts!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 24 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    I had my account banned! I swore in the Dallas v Houston team stream haha! But i'm back!

    We'll we got a good win yesterday and we looked like a much better team without Rondo, despite the defense he brings to the team. But a lot has gone on and it looks like he won't be back in Dallas! To be honest, i want a rebuild in Dallas, i want to let Ellis and Chandler walk, and just start looking at young guys. I'm going to do some research on some possible solutions for us to be contending next year, but i feel like now is our time to look for a young new franchise player through the draft and let the old guys go!

    However the series isn't over yet! We still have a chance to advance! Haha, although i don't see Houston struggling on offense as much as they were yesterday to happen again! Next game at Houston will be hard, if we can go with Amare and get him to post Dwight a lot to try draw fouls and get him in foul trouble , while shutting down Josh Smith and Corey Brewer then we can get another win. Aminu was really good yesterday and so was Barea, so hopefully we can get something similar out of them again!

    I'm still happy though, my Wizards (that no one ever thought would win let alone sweep) won the series and now have as good as a chance of any team in the East at making the ECF and maybe the finals.