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  • Corey McDevitt posted 29 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    The thing that annoys us all is, imagine if Rondo actually worked out?! Dallas would be a top 4 contending team in the NBA possibly, we would be extremely dangerous, it sucks how he's not fitting in, we are throwing away the potential. But you're right, he's been in Boston for 9 years, he's not going to adjust in the short span he has been here, but it needs to happen soon!

    Yeah Crowder is no difference maker, but i would put his ceiling higher than Carrolls, these are his stats in his time in Boston; after all star he's averaging 14.5PPG, and 7 rebounds. For Feb he's averaging 11.5PPG and 6RPG.. These aren't mind blowing stats, but for a 2nd year player who didn't get a massive chance in Dallas it's interesting to see how well he's doing with a bigger role. I think he will be a good 3M per year player.

    Yeah MIL has a solid lead on 7th spot, not sure if they will fall, but it'll be interesting, i see them not winning as many games as they did with Knight though..

    Vonleh just gets no chance, and it's because of his injury he suffered prior to the season, he just never grasped a role in the team and Clifford doesn't seem to trust him yet. He's still incredibly raw, the whole Charlotte org believes in his potential, hopefully next season he gets a good role, it's tough though because they are trying to develop Cody at the same time.

    Kanter has been a beast in OKC, i think Adams is better coming off the bench with a scoring big like Mith McGary, that way they have a good offense-defense punch wit Adams and McGary, like Kanter and Ibaka.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 31 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey Jens,

    Man, that Rondo vs Carlisle argument was tough to see. I'm going to be honest, Rondo is not working out as we all had planned. Yes he has made us a better defensive team and yes he has the potential to take this team to a championship, but right now he's looking ugly, and he's not adapting to the new role of working with Ellis and our other dominant players. He's still a great player and i love his game, but right now it looks like we should have stuck it out with Crowder, B.Wright and Jameer, have you seen how good Crowder has been playing in Boston?! He's on fire! Plus if we had of waited, we could have grabbed Dragic, but none of us thought he'd be dealt!

    Man that sucks that D-Rose is out yet again, and potentially for good! Chicago just can't catch a break, they were starting to click and looked like the darkhorse finals team in the East, but now without Rondo it will be extremely tough! I hope they sign Nate Robinson!

    Yeah Milwaukee are ahead by 7 games or something in 5th spot, however now with Knight gone too i see them falling dramatically, but still 7 games is hard to gain! Plus i see Detroit and Indiana pushing into the top 8 also and knocking Miami and BK out.

    Charlotte's future is bright still, Al Jefferson looks to have declined a bit this season, he's not as good as he was last season and we are really thin at forwards which is concerning. Noah Vonleh and Cody Zeller will hopefully pan out, MKG will, without him in the lineup we struggle, he's too good on defence and ofcourse we have Kemba. Hairston has potential too! I wish we had of signed Thomas Robinson though, i really am a big fan of his and he just needs a chance, plus he would have been good to pair with Cody to make it competitive with who gets the start, because Cody has been struggling lately! And not to mention how thin our PF is right now..

  • Jared Johnson posted 40 days ago

    Jared  Johnson

    Thanks man. I have a lot of respect for the Mavs too. Dirk is great and so are most of the other guys who've been through that organization. Mark Cuban is the only one I question haha.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 46 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Na i did not see that quote from Jimmy Butler, but it's good to see that guys that have so much hype surrounding them can still admit that they are also part of the problem. He seems like a legit future piece to the Bulls franchise.

    Apparently O'Neal is already in Dallas, he's got a house where he's currently working out constantly to get NBA fit, then once he is confident in himself he will join the team. Although i was also reading that Dallas is hot after Amare if he is brought out. Do we have a roster spot?

    Yeah i have my fingers crossed that we can make fourth seed, it was such a good come back win against Portland the other night and put Dallas on notice, however we are still only 3-11 against the West top 4 teams, and that is not good enough, and it's giving everyone doubt to whether we are actually contenders or not. Harden is playing his best basketball yet at the moment, they are still playing so well without Howard and it's directly related to Hardens production.

    Yeah Clippers are stuck in the mud at the moment, something isn't working there, and loosing Blake for atleast a few weeks is going to be huge. However i feel it's more their bench that is keeping them back, Glen Davis is washed up, Hedo is washed up, Austin Rivers is still raw, Hawes has been underachieving, Ekpe Udoh is average, Jamal Crawford is really the only consistent production they have coming off the bench. And to be honest, Barnes and Redick are good, but when you look at the other wings in the West, they would be one of the worst wing pairings in the top 10 in West;
    Ellis and Parsons,
    Harden and Ariza
    Green and Leonard
    Lee and Green
    Wes and Batum - (even though Batum has been average this season)
    Klay and Barnes
    Durant and Roberson
    etc etc

    Yeah Charlotte has now won something like 15 of last 20 which is nice, and considering Brian Roberts and our two best defenders in MKG and Bis have been out is more impressive! We're 7th right now, MIL ahead by about 6 or so games, i hope we can catch them or atleast finish the season with a record over .500.

    Yes, i can not believe that ATL beat GSW, they are legit. ATL is a real threat now, i wonder what their odds were going in to the season? They're a team i don't mind seeing do well either.. And yeah Dennis has been a pivotal part of their success. Yeah Marcus Smart has horrible shooting percentages, but i do think once he gets a shot he will be very good.

    Trade deadline next week!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 51 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah man, Rondo is still trying to find his groove, he can go off one night and drop 20+ points but then the next game he will take like 3 shots, he needs to figure out his game more and realize what he can give us to make us win, then do that production every night.. His defense has changed the culture of this team, it's made Ellis better on defense too, i was reading an article about how Ellis is now giving so much more effort on the defensive end. It's going to be tough without Rondo for the next few games though, however Harris is arguably one of the best back up PG's!

    It sounds like Jermaine O'neal is coming to Dallas, just when he is in the perfect condition, so i would be very happy with that. Honestly i think Dallas just needs to make the top 4 going into the playoffs, if they can cement home court then they are going to be a wrecking crew, kind of like how OKC just needs 8th, then they are one of the biggest threats.

    Those contracts sound good to me, and i think Ellis and Chandler will want to stay, Rondo could be interesting, but hey, if he leaves we can sign B.Wright back haha.

    Charlotte has been really disappointing, can't believe how the first couple of months went! But they have now won 12 of their last 15 games or something, so they are turning it around and i fully believe they can still grab 6th seed. Lance has to go, i'm sick of waiting for him hoping he gets better, it's throwing our season away and honestly he has not improved at all since game 1. I liked the Joe Johnson trade idea, even though we would be committing to 24m next season with him he would make us better, and he is the perfect player for that team, plus if he didn't work out his expiring contract will be very intriguing for trades.

    Washington is one piece away, they need to forget Andre Miller and sign Nate Robinson, he would be perfect. But we just need another pure scorer, our defense is there, we are like 6th or something, just need someone else to contribute with Beal and Pierce..

    ATL is crazy, i bet no one thought they would be this good! I honestly can't comprehend how good they have been, and i'm interested to see how they do in the playoffs. Schroeder has been really good too! Cavs are becoming scary too!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 65 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey bro,

    Sorry man i have been super busy and away from home for a few months with work! Have not watched a Dallas game in months, but always see the highlights. I love the Rondo trade, he hasn't been as good as what he can be yet but he makes us better, offensively and defensively, and he's nailing so many 3's!

    We really need to add another big though, we should trade for Plumlee or possibly Tyler Zeller or someone along those lines, maybe Mahinmi back from Indiana? He barely gets used.. Or Jermaine O'neal, theres a good chance we get him if he comes back.

    Dallas will be a top 4 seed in the WC i think, Washington will finish no.2 seed and Charlotte will sneak in a take 7th, maybe 6th, they are playing worlds better now!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 119 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Memphis is playing exceptionally well, i would have never picked how good they are playing going into the season! They are really consistent too! I was watching Grantland's, it's a new televised show that Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose do, they had a great trade i thought, the trade is; Clippers sign Ray Allen, then trade Jamal Crawford to Memphis for Tony Allen. Imagine that, Memphis gets high volume scorer, and Clippers get a a good 3 player that they currently lack in. HOwever, Memphis is not in a situation to trade at this point, there's no need for them to trade, and it would be a risk incase the departure of Tony hurts Memphis's team culture!

    Houston have been incredible too, i hate it, but you have to give them credit.. Trevor Ariza has worked out really well there, and even though they do have a weak bench, it's working. Plus, they've lost Dwight and Beverly a number of games this season so far.. Another team is Toronto, they have been so good and consistent! They could do with a better front court, but Lowry and Derozan and Lou Williams off the bench have been playing so well. If i were Toronto, i would look at adding Pekovic, with a C like Pek, they could be contenders.

    Charlotte has real issues. Lance is not working out, he's a great rebounder and passer but he doesn't score, and scoring is something we need to win! Our defense has dropped too, and i don't get why, we lost McRoberts but we added better defenders as a whole. Charlotte has some real chemistry problems at the moment, they have no identity, and you never know when they will show up to a game, some games they look like they want to win, other games it looks like they don't care!

    The Bucks and Kings! Wow, DMC has emerged as a true leader, Gay is playing the best basketball of his career and our guy Collison looks to have found a home! Bucks are just on fire, they've got so much talent, they could be a really good franchise in time!

    Yeah Kobe is playing pretty selfish basketball, however i think that's his desire to win coming out in him, he knows he doesn't have the talent around him to win many games so he feels like he has to do all he can to atleast be in contention to win the game with 2minutes to go! I love Kobe though, kind of disappointed to see him in that situation.

    Dallas is playing really efficient basketball, Brandon Wright is money when he has the ball in his hands close to the rim, and Chandler is looking like the championship Chandler we used to see. Monta has been good too. We just need to continue focusing on working on that defense because everyone knows how dangerous our offense is!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 131 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey man,

    Didn't watch the Dallas- Philly game, but wow! I seen the highlights haha, that was incredible offense! We almost beat the biggest ever winning margin and a few franchise records! Great game, and was good to see the bench warmers get a bit of time at the end. Dirk is playing redirkulous efficiency! I seen somewhere that Dallas is relying way to much on Dirks production! I couldn't believe it, it seems like this year Dirk hasn't even taken over 12 shots.. He's been taking like 8-12 shots and still getting 15-25points. His efficiency will be 50-40-90 this year, i'm picking it!

    Dallas is a contender, i fully believe, despite the defense that we will be a WCF team

  • Georgia Sports Fan posted 134 days ago

    Georgia Sports Fan

    We don need him though. Teague's here for life and I doubt Schroder will be in the rotation at the end of the season.

  • Georgia Sports Fan posted 135 days ago

    Georgia Sports Fan

    Still stinks.