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  • Corey McDevitt posted 9 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey man,

    yeah i agree with your minute rotations, i hope Crowder gets a bit more than 14mins a game though, he deserves it. He will probably see a bit of time at the 4 when we play small ball also, but honestly we are so stacked with 3's and 4's! So many guys that are naturally a SF but will be playing PF in Dallas. I think Ivan will end up working his way into the rotation in a big way, he's a guy that does so much off the ball and is very intimidating, which is key for a team wanting to be a contending team.

    yeah i'm bummed that Wall and Beal both didn't make it, i understand Beal but Wall got robbed. Like you said, the 3 ball is very important in international basketball, but they have so many 3P specialists now. You would think that they would like to have a slasher who's incredibly athletic to fill Westbrooke's absence and help create open 3P shots when Wall drives to the rim, obviously not though. Also you would think that such a high energy athletic slasher such as Wall would destroy the big foreign un athletic C's and get them into foul trouble, but o'well! Wall will come out firing this season to prove a point.

    Waiter's won't be included in the trade, but you see they are including Philly anyway, sending Bennett for Thad? That's pretty good, but i thought MIN could have possibly milked one more piece. Still they are in a great situation going forward with young assets such as Wiggins, Dieng, Rubio, Thad, LaVine. On the other hand, Cleveland is an automatic championship team, they are going to be so tough to play! No question about that, it's obvious how good they are going to be.

    You see Indiana trying to deal Hibbert for Monroe or Goran Dragic? What you think about that? It would result in a weird peering for both Detroit and Indiana, Indiana would have two PF like big men, i'm not sure how good Monroe and West would be together, even though Monroe is a natural C. And then Detroit would have twin towers, imagine how good their defense would be in the paint! But then eliminates more scoring. Dragic would work, but PHO would then have to give Bledsoe his max.

    With Hibbert on the market it makes me think whether Dallas could have got him for the same deal instead of Chandler, that would have been interesting, Hibbert would have worked well in Dallas and is a younger version of Chandler, that's if his attitude worked out though. What you think about all the Hibbert drama?

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 9 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    Hi Jens.

  • Mavs 113 posted 13 days ago

    Mavs 113

    The problem with facing GSW is that they have an above-average defense and they have Stephen Curry. GSW's starting lineup features 3 good to great defenders while Curry and Lee are below average defenders. If we do play the GSW in the playoffs, then they will definitely put Bogut on Dirk, Iggy on Parsons and Klay on Ellis. That pretty much neutralizes our biggest offensive threats. Which will mean that we'll need the rest of the team to carry a lot of the load which is a pretty big task if Dirk, Parsons and Ellis struggles. Another problem the Warriors give the Mavs is Curry. I'm still a bit stunned by that step back jumper Curry hit over Calderon this past season. It's just that he is so clutch, and that he is super hard to guard which makes him a problem. If Curry lights up the Mavs from downtown and during 4th quarter, the Mavs will have trouble. Hopefully, if Carlisle plays it right, put Harris or Felton (If he can make his defense work) on Curry and double team if necessary. Would love to see Carlisle bust out a zone defense so that there are defenders everywhere and double team will be a great thing.

  • Mavs 113 posted 15 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Thanks! I'll be watching the Mavs from LA so hopefully everything works out and we get a 4th seed! Go Mavs!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 17 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Tyson is probably going to be the key player who dictates whether we do well or not. If he's continuously injured and only plays 55 games like last season, or he shows that his age is a factor and he's slowing up then we could be in trouble. Dallas desperately needs Tyson to be on his game and healthy, he makes up for our weak defense out on the perimeter and Dirks average D. Everyone thinks Parson's is the key guy, but personally i think Tyson is!

    Yeah, people are slowly buying into what Washington is doing. Personally i think the acquisition of Paul Pierce has opened up the eyes of a lot of NBA fans and are looking and seeing that Washington has some real potential. People say, Washington only did well last year in the playoffs because of the weak conference, but i think they played very well and with the new guys, they certainly have what it takes to be a top 3 team. A lot does fall on Wall and Beal, but after last years playoffs i think it's certainly possible that Beal will take that all star step and Wall will get into the MVP consideration. I think Wall will average something around 19 & 9.5 APG, Beal something like 21 PPG while shooting 42 % from downtown. Especially with Paul George's injury, Washington can be among the elite with Chicago and Cleveland.

    Haha yeah my friend; OKC, GSW and Orlando. Yeah, i think i now have overall the best teams!

    I think Cleveland should trade Wiggins for Love. Having Love pretty much certifies them being a contending team and probably the favorites. Wiggins has huge potential, obviously, but based on Lebron only being on a 2 year deal means that Cleveland is under the pump to win a championship, or he could leave again, even though i don't think he would. Wiggins may take a couple of years before he's an elite player who can contribute significantly in the playoffs. So i would trade for Love, simply to be in a win now mode. But i agree with what you said, Wiggins and LBJ would have tremendous defense, and that's intriguing, but ultimately having Love there also makes them head and shoulders above any other team in the East. I can see a deal going down with key players like this;

    Cleveland receives; Kevin Love, Mo Williams or JJ Barea
    Minnesota receives; Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennet, Thad Young, future 1st
    Philly receives; Dion Waiters

    Man, sucks about Paul George, even though he's a rival to my eastern teams, it sucks to see someone like that go down with such a gruesome injury! I could not watch it twice! I feel sorry for Indiana and George, they are now going to miss a major season, and i think it's David West's last season under contract, would have been nice to see them go at it again. Hopefully Goerge is not Indiana's next Danny Granger!

  • Mavs 113 posted 18 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I hope Carlisle's no-nonsense attitude can swiftly turn Felton into a good PG. I also hope that Casey Smith can keep Tyson outta trouble.

  • Mavs 113 posted 18 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I'm doing fine here in Los Angeles right now. About to start college so I'm in LA. How are you doing these days?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 23 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah, i didn't mean Harris would only play at the 2, he will play at the 1 also, but i see his use being much more combo-guard-ish, a similar role to what Rodney Stuckey played in Detroit, being a PG/SG along with Brandon Jennings and Will Bynum. All those players co-existed well, they all played over 20mins a game and had good averages so i have no doubt that Carlisle can't work out something similar with our 3 guards.

    But yeah, i see your point by playing Devin Harris at the 1, which leads to our starting line up being overall better defensively. There are a lot of athletic explosive PG's in todays game, so the PG defense will be vital. However a lot of those athletic explosive PG's drive to the rim a lot (Wall, Bledsoe, Westbrooke) So having Tyson in the paint may fill the defensive requirement on those players, as he's one of the best rim protectors in the league, which may enable Carlisle to start Jameer. Either all, time will tell, and i will be happy with anyone of the 3 PG's starting! haha.

    Washington i still feel is going to be a bit of an underdog out there in the East, many people still believe that Toronto could be one of the top 3 teams, and teams like Indiana and Miami could really surprise some teams. I feel Washington will still be doubted a lot, simply because their key players are still young. But i certainly think that Washington will finish top 4, if not, i will be kind of disappointed to be honest!

    Emeka needs to be signed by the Heat.

    Yeah Houston has taken a major step back and i think it will be proven this season, it seems that Houston and their fan base think they are going to be fine, but really with teams getting even better in the West, teams can't afford to take steps back and still expect to be top 4 material. There is going to be one huge rivalry between Houston and Dallas this season and i can't wait! It's funny so many of the South West players have been moved within the divisions teams; Asik to Pelicans, Aminu to Dallas, Parsons to Dallas, Carter to Memphis, haha this is un heard of!

  • Mavs 113 posted 24 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I know right! I've had doubts about the Mayo/Brand/Kaman/Collison signings because they are all 1 year deals. I also doubted Ellis this past season and also worried about Dalembert!

    Now, the only thing I worry about the Mavs right now is Tyson's health issues and Felton. Even though the Mavs have possibly one of the best medical staffs in the NBA, it will be hard for Casey Smith to watch after Tyson's health. Another thing I worry about is Felton because he lacks work ethic. Hopefully that won't deter the Mavs from playoff berth. If Tyson plays more than 70 games this season, the Mavs are a good lock for 4th and 5th, however, if Tyson plays less than 60 games, then 6th-7th is expected (hopefully not).

    I've always hated the Rockets even though we dominated them throughout the 2000s. I never liked their fanbase either, they are cocky, ignorant and delusional. They think that Ariza alone will improve Houston after losing Lin, Asik and Parsons. Rocket fans nowadays all say that Lin was trash, Asik never liked Houston and Parsons is worse than Ariza. Lol.

    So these days, a lot of people are doubting the Mavs lol. I see articles about Mavs and there were those fans saying that Dallas is like 7th seed at best and all that. Even a Laker fan said the Lakers were better than the Mavs LMAO. But these days, I never get into comment wars because I know that the Mavs will be great so I don't need to be bothered by the opinions of others.

    So how are you doing these days?

  • Mavs 113 posted 25 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I'm thinking the Mavs at best can be a 3rd seed, but to me, realistically, 4th or 5th seed are good for the Mavs. At worst is probably 8th seed.

    I really like this offseason, Dirk taking paycut, getting Parsons, Nelson, Aminu, Jefferson, Tyson, Felton really helps even with Harris signing a mini paycut. I can't wait for the season to start, people are still doubting us but I believe we can be a good team if all goes well.