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  • Corey McDevitt posted 1 day ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah the back court of Phoenix will be tricky, i see Bledsoe being played strictly as a SG now though, him and Dragic will start with Thomas backing PG, and then Green sitting behind Bledsoe, but i don't get the need for Tyler Ennis and Zoran Dragic now though, Indiana should have really gone harder after Zoran i think. Phoenix is good though, they are so young and the chemistry will now start to blossom this season, especially after retaining both Morris brothers.

    Yeah, i'm really intrigued about the Rubio deal, if he gets overpaid then i will be annoyed, because if he gets a near max then pretty much every young PG in the league will be expecting big payouts, including Kemba Walker..

    Not long now till preseason!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 8 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey man,

    Yeah i haven't been on B/R as much as i used to as NBA is pretty much essentially dead, but i'm really enjoying the NFL, and i picked a team that has blossomed the most! Surprising considering i picked Charlotte and Washington all those years ago.

    Yeah i had a new profile picture, it was Paul Pierce's first ever photo taken in a Wizards uniform, but now theres a few so i've changed it back, i was goner go with my old Emeka photo.

    The FIBA world cup was a white wash, there literally was no other challenger except USA, i can't believe Spain got knocked out early.. And yeah, i loved Faried in the comp, he played so well!

    I can really imagine Bledsoe in Minny now, it looks like its going to happen to given how much it looks that PHO don't want to pay him a max, and are now looking to bring in Zoran Dragic.. Bledsoe in Minny would make them so exciting at every position, i just want them to get rid of Pek, so they can start;
    Bledsoe/ LaVine
    Wiggins/ Shabazz
    Thad/ Bennett
    with guys like Martin, Budinger, Brewer.. this team will be interesting! Not good, but good to watch!

    Yeah depending on what Bledsoe gets will determine how much they want Rubio, i guess they could develop Bledsoe in to a SG for the rest of his time, and play him like Dragic and Bledsoe, but then it eliminates the need for LaVine also. So it will be interesting..

    The NZ PG is called Taj Webster, he has an older brother in the team also called Corey Webster, argh so annoying that he's now playing against the likes of Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry haha, very frustrating alright.

    You see the new Dallas uni's?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 29 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hmm i'm not too sure with Rubio's price tag, i don't overly rate him, i think he's a good facilitator but to be honest i probably would put him in the weaker half of starting PG's. The PG pool is so good at the moment and when you see a guy like Stephen Curry on a $44m contract makes you wonder how much these other guys should be getting paid, even though Curry was injured at the time with his ankle. I think i would pay Rubio 7-8 million annually, give him a 3 year 24m extension, that may sound weak, but he's not a great scorer, he can pass the ball very well and he's a good defender with his steals, but other than that i think he has a bit to prove yet.

    Yeah ATL has young studs too, i'm a huge fan of Mike Scott also, so if guys like Mike Scott and Schroeder continue to do well then ATL could be a real dark horse in the East. After reading about Demarre Carroll's story made me give a little bit of sympathy to ATL because of him! haha.

    You see New Zealand get hammered by USA today? Man, they never stood a chance but i'm so jealous of some of those guys that got to play against Anthony Davis, James Harden Derrick Rose and co. I've played against the New Zealand PG before, he's only 19, would have been a dream come true for him playing against those guys.

    Kenneth Faried is on fire! Denver really needs him to play like that this season and then with Afflalo and Gallonari coming back they could be interesting!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 33 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    The East's bottom top 4 (5th-8th) is very hard to predict, MIA could be good, but pretty much the whole team hasn't played together before and they still don't have a complete roster so it's unsure what their rotations will be like. I think ATL could be dangerous, with Al Horford back they could be much better. Teams like Detroit, NY and Indiana could be anything really, very unpredictable.

    I think Minny should trade both Martin and Barea also, try get rid of all these contracts that aren't apart of the future plans. Like you said, 'Whats the point of having these guys when they aren't winning short term', they may aswel play Rubio, Shabazz, LaVine, Bennett, Wiggins, Dieng as much as they can! They actually have some very nice young pieces now, they could have won the trade similar to how Denver kind of did with the Melo trade, even though they are mediocre, they still didn't get much worse after loosing Melo.

    Yeah, good point about the RFA theory about how it gives some insurance to the franchise, and low market teams would suffer. I guess thats completely right, and i agree 100, but some times it seems a bit stupid when a player doesn't really want to play for the franchise.!

    Man the NBA is very boring at the moment!

    Yeah, i'm getting right into the NFL, Cincinnati Bengals are my team now! It's keeping me busy while the NBA is dead!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 37 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey man,

    Yeah, the Love trade. Cleveland looks so good (understatement) on paper, and it's hard to imagine them not making the ECF, unless something catastrophic occurs! But yeah, i still think Chicago finishes first, unless Rose becomes injured again, which i really hope he doesn't! While Cleveland has the better big three, i think Chicago's team is more complete and more deep! After those two, i see Washington 3rd, and then Charlotte and Toronto battling out for 4th.

    Minnesota is worse short term, i agree, and i agree about their future, and the fact that bennett has more potential than Thad, even though we have never seen Thad in a different environment! Man, i think they should honestly trade Pek now, and get more draft picks for him, a contending team could sure use his presence, or a team right on the verge of being elite, Pek is a terrific, strong player that gives you a double double, so i'd imagine Minny would get something decent. The reason i think they should trade him, is because they are now in full rebuild mode, there's no point paying so much money to Pek when they are going to be mediocre at best, plus they have Dieng behind him.. Deing, Wiggins, LaVine, Bennett, Thad, Rubio, Shabazz are nice young assets that have so much potential!

    yeah Indiana could blow up the roster, and i can certainly see why they would. But i ultimately think they won't, they will ride out this year, resign West for cheaper next offseason and then try to add a better piece to sit along side George when he's ready, possibly upgrading the PG spot and SG spot. I think Indiana will be patient, blowing up the team could be a bit premature and risky. Top FA's will want to play with George, so resigning West for cheaper, having that cap that they could have used on Lance, and Hill coming off contract or near contract will give them some room to move with.

    I think Hibbert wouldn't be the perfect fit that Chandler is, but i feel his presence for the future would make Hibbert more valuable to Dallas than Chandler.

    I feel sorry for Monroe and Bledsoe, i hate the restricted free agent rule, players should be able to do what they want after the contract ends, it's up to them, and it makes no sense resigning a player who obviously wants to leave. Like Eric Gordon, he wanted to go to Phoenix, but NOLA pretty much forced him to stay with the restricted, same with Hibbert and Portland. I think Monroe did the right decision to stay and make his own choice next offseason, and i think Bledsoe will do the same, or he will be signed and traded, i don't know who to though?

    I've just started getting into the NFL, do you follow the NFL at all?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 51 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Hey man,

    yeah i agree with your minute rotations, i hope Crowder gets a bit more than 14mins a game though, he deserves it. He will probably see a bit of time at the 4 when we play small ball also, but honestly we are so stacked with 3's and 4's! So many guys that are naturally a SF but will be playing PF in Dallas. I think Ivan will end up working his way into the rotation in a big way, he's a guy that does so much off the ball and is very intimidating, which is key for a team wanting to be a contending team.

    yeah i'm bummed that Wall and Beal both didn't make it, i understand Beal but Wall got robbed. Like you said, the 3 ball is very important in international basketball, but they have so many 3P specialists now. You would think that they would like to have a slasher who's incredibly athletic to fill Westbrooke's absence and help create open 3P shots when Wall drives to the rim, obviously not though. Also you would think that such a high energy athletic slasher such as Wall would destroy the big foreign un athletic C's and get them into foul trouble, but o'well! Wall will come out firing this season to prove a point.

    Waiter's won't be included in the trade, but you see they are including Philly anyway, sending Bennett for Thad? That's pretty good, but i thought MIN could have possibly milked one more piece. Still they are in a great situation going forward with young assets such as Wiggins, Dieng, Rubio, Thad, LaVine. On the other hand, Cleveland is an automatic championship team, they are going to be so tough to play! No question about that, it's obvious how good they are going to be.

    You see Indiana trying to deal Hibbert for Monroe or Goran Dragic? What you think about that? It would result in a weird peering for both Detroit and Indiana, Indiana would have two PF like big men, i'm not sure how good Monroe and West would be together, even though Monroe is a natural C. And then Detroit would have twin towers, imagine how good their defense would be in the paint! But then eliminates more scoring. Dragic would work, but PHO would then have to give Bledsoe his max.

    With Hibbert on the market it makes me think whether Dallas could have got him for the same deal instead of Chandler, that would have been interesting, Hibbert would have worked well in Dallas and is a younger version of Chandler, that's if his attitude worked out though. What you think about all the Hibbert drama?

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 51 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Hi Jens.

  • Mavs 113 posted 54 days ago

    Mavs 113

    The problem with facing GSW is that they have an above-average defense and they have Stephen Curry. GSW's starting lineup features 3 good to great defenders while Curry and Lee are below average defenders. If we do play the GSW in the playoffs, then they will definitely put Bogut on Dirk, Iggy on Parsons and Klay on Ellis. That pretty much neutralizes our biggest offensive threats. Which will mean that we'll need the rest of the team to carry a lot of the load which is a pretty big task if Dirk, Parsons and Ellis struggles. Another problem the Warriors give the Mavs is Curry. I'm still a bit stunned by that step back jumper Curry hit over Calderon this past season. It's just that he is so clutch, and that he is super hard to guard which makes him a problem. If Curry lights up the Mavs from downtown and during 4th quarter, the Mavs will have trouble. Hopefully, if Carlisle plays it right, put Harris or Felton (If he can make his defense work) on Curry and double team if necessary. Would love to see Carlisle bust out a zone defense so that there are defenders everywhere and double team will be a great thing.

  • Mavs 113 posted 57 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Thanks! I'll be watching the Mavs from LA so hopefully everything works out and we get a 4th seed! Go Mavs!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 59 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Tyson is probably going to be the key player who dictates whether we do well or not. If he's continuously injured and only plays 55 games like last season, or he shows that his age is a factor and he's slowing up then we could be in trouble. Dallas desperately needs Tyson to be on his game and healthy, he makes up for our weak defense out on the perimeter and Dirks average D. Everyone thinks Parson's is the key guy, but personally i think Tyson is!

    Yeah, people are slowly buying into what Washington is doing. Personally i think the acquisition of Paul Pierce has opened up the eyes of a lot of NBA fans and are looking and seeing that Washington has some real potential. People say, Washington only did well last year in the playoffs because of the weak conference, but i think they played very well and with the new guys, they certainly have what it takes to be a top 3 team. A lot does fall on Wall and Beal, but after last years playoffs i think it's certainly possible that Beal will take that all star step and Wall will get into the MVP consideration. I think Wall will average something around 19 & 9.5 APG, Beal something like 21 PPG while shooting 42 % from downtown. Especially with Paul George's injury, Washington can be among the elite with Chicago and Cleveland.

    Haha yeah my friend; OKC, GSW and Orlando. Yeah, i think i now have overall the best teams!

    I think Cleveland should trade Wiggins for Love. Having Love pretty much certifies them being a contending team and probably the favorites. Wiggins has huge potential, obviously, but based on Lebron only being on a 2 year deal means that Cleveland is under the pump to win a championship, or he could leave again, even though i don't think he would. Wiggins may take a couple of years before he's an elite player who can contribute significantly in the playoffs. So i would trade for Love, simply to be in a win now mode. But i agree with what you said, Wiggins and LBJ would have tremendous defense, and that's intriguing, but ultimately having Love there also makes them head and shoulders above any other team in the East. I can see a deal going down with key players like this;

    Cleveland receives; Kevin Love, Mo Williams or JJ Barea
    Minnesota receives; Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennet, Thad Young, future 1st
    Philly receives; Dion Waiters

    Man, sucks about Paul George, even though he's a rival to my eastern teams, it sucks to see someone like that go down with such a gruesome injury! I could not watch it twice! I feel sorry for Indiana and George, they are now going to miss a major season, and i think it's David West's last season under contract, would have been nice to see them go at it again. Hopefully Goerge is not Indiana's next Danny Granger!