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My specialty in writing about women's ice hockey. I started writing online on Wikipedia back in July 2005 (after discovering the site by complete accident). My motivation for writing about women’s ice hockey stemmed from the fact that there were so many contributors writing about men’s sports, and finding any info online about women’s ice hockey was difficult. My inspiration came from Andria Hunter, who was one of the first to create a website devoted solely to women’s ice hockey.

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  • Bryan Day posted 503 days ago

    Bryan Day

    Thanks for the fan support, Mark. I enjoy reading the work of fans who are passionate about their subject, and I certainly think you qualify!

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 508 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Hi Mark! Thanks for the fan support!

  • Dylan Gonzalez posted 539 days ago

    Dylan Gonzalez

    No problem. Thanks for the thanks, Mark!

  • Ben Millikan posted 543 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Hi Mark. The editor CMS has been doing some bizarre things with photos lately, and unfortunately, the primary photo in the Amanda Shaw piece I edited earlier now has a photo of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. And since there aren't any photos of Shaw that appear in either of the B/R photo databases, I was wondering if you could re-upload the one you originally had when you get a chance. Thanks.

  • garit reid posted 601 days ago

    garit reid

    Hi Mark I was wondering if I could use your Kelsey Vander Veen article in my newspaper,, the Lucknow Sentinel, Kelsey's hometown. My name is Garit Reid and I'm the editor at the Sentinel. Let me know, thanks.

  • Sports Lover 2.0 posted 627 days ago

    Sports  Lover 2.0

    fanned you again)-

  • Sports Lover posted 640 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Really like your articles.Hence the fan add. )-

  • Lauren McNulty posted 652 days ago

    Lauren McNulty

    I've enjoyed your articles this week!

  • Bryan Vale posted 661 days ago

    Bryan Vale

    It is impressive to me the way you keep churning out well-researched articles on a topic most people don't know anything about.

  • Barb Caffrey posted 672 days ago

    Barb Caffrey

    Thanks, Mark! I appreciated getting to edit your articles today, and I was pleased to become a fan of yours as well.