Racquel Battle

Racquel Battle


I grew attached to entertainment and sports being around my father and brother on a daily basis watching ESPN, FOX SPORTS, CSS all day, every day. I became interested in hosting with radio and TV about 3 years ago when interning at Atlanta's HOT 107.9. I have done extensive work mainly hosting for TV and radio. My educational background in broadcasting was obtained at Complete Game Broadcasting here in Atlanta, Ga which is a sports broadcasting school geared toward producing the top broadcasters thus far.

My recent work includes hosting a benefit concert for MORRIS BROWN College. It is called "SAVE MORRIS BROWN", which raised money to save the school from closing. In saying this I am very determined and focused on my career in broadcasting, especially sports broadcasting, and as a public servant to my community.
I also know that I have a lot to bring to the table from experience, knowledge of the game, as well as personality to enhance this industry. My goals are sideline reporting, anchoring, interviewing, and etc.

I consider myself a driven and goal oriented person. I am not willing to stop at my goals, I push through them. Pursuing my career is #1 in my life behind God and Family. I also have a self motivation; it doesn’t take anything to motivate me. My career and self determination is all I need other than faith in my success. I am a self starter and tend to take matters and do before told. I know sometimes you have to wait for instruction on certain important assignments however if I know that I have the knowledge and experience in that field I am going to start and finish before anyone can tell me to do so. I am DRIVEN to succeed in all goals I have set and know that an opportunity such as this will put me in a position to advance my career. Whether it be networking or socializing with the best, I am a great people person and get along with others well which will help my determination reach the TOP! And I am willing to relocate.

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    another great piece b/r blows off :