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Hey Hows it Going? I'm Johnny Hinz, and well, i love sports. My favorite teams are the New York Mets, Philidelphia Eagles, Boston Celtics, and the Duke Blue Devils. I love writing about these teams and plan to do so. I am very open for feedback and recomend it for my articles.
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  • Logan Schell posted 2924 days ago

    Logan Schell

    Hey just wrote this. Do you think you could look at it and tell me what you think. Thanks

  • Brendan Costello posted 2941 days ago

    Brendan Costello

    Hey a just completed who i feel out the best baseball rivalries. I think a few might surprise you and see where your favorite team is. please live some feed back telling me what you think. Be strait out with me criticism will only help me get better.

  • Brendan Costello posted 2943 days ago

    Brendan Costello

    Please tell me what you think

  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2943 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury

    Its time to finally come clean, Im not a Yankee fan, I only play one on TV and in reality Im a Die Hard Mets fan who is very frustrated with everything surrounding this franchise right now. Then again, its ok cause they're BATTLING every night, right? Wrong and below is my article on the reasons why. Thanks in advance.

  • Brendan Costello posted 2945 days ago

    Brendan Costello

    hey man just finished up on a cool slide show check it out sometime.

  • Brendan Costello posted 2946 days ago

    Brendan Costello

    Hey man, just wrote a article about Pedro coming back. I think its pretty good, love to see what you think. So please get back at me when you can.

    Brendan Costello

  • Brendan Costello posted 2947 days ago

    Brendan Costello

    Hey Johnny, I just wrote my top ten best teams in baseball. See where i put your Mets.
    Oh and get back to me and tell me what you think, criticism is the only way for me to improve.

    Brendan Costello