Charles is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served over 10 years in three different countries over two continents. He was recruited to work for Bleacher Report in July 2012 and has been a Featured Columnist for the Carolina Panthers since his debut with the site.

Charles has a bachelors' degree in sports management and hopes to find a career within the sports industry. His hobbies include watching sports, traveling, staying active, playing video games, reading and writing.

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  • William Berry posted 231 days ago

    William Berry

    James Dockery does NOT make this team over Josh Norman noway!

  • William Berry posted 231 days ago

    William Berry

    Branbdon Williams makes THIS team hands down. What is this?

  • William Berry posted 243 days ago

    William Berry

    You think there's any chance Carolina tries to move up in the draft to get someone like Evans from Texas A&M? Wow! We did get a WR & CB but Not both out of the drat! We picked Kelvin Benjamin & Free Agent Cason we NEVER needed to move up or down.. This team is better than the media or fan base realizes. The Panthers have many tools that can be assembled to force their will against opposing teams. It may not be pretty but as the season moves forward it will be plain to see when the opposition desire to face Carolina is in lack.

  • Joe Giglio posted 404 days ago

    Joe Giglio

    Thanks for becoming a fan!

  • Charles Edwards posted 457 days ago

    Charles Edwards

    Not without giving up a lot. I think the focus will be the offensive line, but WR should be addressed in the mid rounds. A high pick does not necessarily mean success. Steve Smith is the team's best all-time receiver and was a third round pick. Carolina needs to find a way to open up running lanes and assemble a line capable of protecting Newton while allowing him to do his thing.

  • Kyle Poole posted 461 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    Hey Charles. Tough loss today. Now that the seasons over, the attention goes to the offseason/draft. I personally think two of Carolina's biggest needs are WR and CB. You think there's any chance Carolina tries to move up in the draft to get someone like Evans from Texas A&M?

  • Charles Edwards posted 476 days ago

    Charles Edwards

    I'll be getting ready to post some more great articles regarding the Carolina Panthers. If you have any ideas, please share them.

  • Long gone posted 547 days ago

    Long gone

    Hi Charles.

  • Kyle Poole posted 591 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    Was wondering where you've been man. Hope we see you back sometime soon. Your articles were always good!

  • Charles Edwards posted 620 days ago

    Charles Edwards

    It seems as though Williams has done some good things in camp but, I will need to see him in action before making an adequate determination.

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