Jason Allen

Jason Allen


My name is Jason.I am a huge fan of MMA. I have a women I love(Jessica) and a baby girl on the way that I love too. I have two kick ass dogs (AOKI & DIXIE). Thats the fam and thats all that matters!

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  • Anthony Ascue posted 3005 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    The fantasy pool results for UFC 103 are here! And boy oh boy are the changes big!!!

    New leaders and new big name free agents on the market. Come and see where you stand and who is available for the picking!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3014 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey bro, don't be shy to be more active in the community man! Write an article or comment on others peoples work and stuff.

    Don't be a stranger lol. Get out there man!

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3026 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    It's that time again. Check to see where you stand in the latest MMA fantasy pool update!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3033 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey man, when you can check out my new article. Feedback appreciated. Thanks and hope you enjoy. Cheers!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3047 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    It's that time again, check out where you stand with the latest UFC fantasy pool results!


    Ps, you're one of the leaders now!

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3096 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    The new fantasy pool results are up! Check to see where you stand!


    Also, I made a mistake with your score on the last pool, I corrected it this time out. You're doing a lot better than you think!

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3104 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Updated results for the UFC fantasy pool are up, check to see where you stand!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3116 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    OHHHH SNAP, Welcome a board buddy. Make yourself at home! Check out my UFC fantasy pool and hop in man.