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Hi one and all, thanks for taking a look at my page.

Yup I'm the Patriots fan being choked by the Cowboys fans. Rough crowd, lol. (Thanks Scuba, and Ogre for atleast unhandcuffing me in time to see the game. You guys are the best.)

For all you "kids" this is what being a football fan is all about. Good times with fans off all teams. It's just a game.

Anyone my age or older notice the throwback jersey? Yup Steve Grogan. Decided I wasn't buying an active players jersey ever again. They always seem to get hurt or traded. Although I am seriously considering a Patrick Chung jersey.

I was sold on him beginning exactly at the 1:12 mark of this highlight video. And by the way does every highlight video have to have rap music in it. No offense to you rap fans, but come on enough with wanting to be a gangster.

The countdown is on. Hope you take a look at this site. Not sure who's it is, I found it from TR, whom I recommend reading. You can find TR on my fans list down to the left,

and you can find the site here,

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  • Johnny Rehab posted 1670 days ago

    Johnny Rehab

    just wrote a new article

  • Erik Frenz posted 1778 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    What does each AFC East team need to do to get ready for next season?

    Feedback's always appreciated. Thanks!


  • Erik Frenz posted 1781 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Hey Steve,

    Got a couple of big pieces for you to check out. The first is an article about how the Super Bowl XLIV win impacts Drew Brees' legacy.

    Then, my recent article on some of the biggest pick-sixes in NFL history. Guess who's at the top of the list?

    Thanks for reading/feedback!


  • Erik Frenz posted 1792 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Hey, Steve!

    Would love to get your opinion on my article about the turning point for the Patriots franchise from the mess they were to the dynasty they became.



  • JW Nix posted 1798 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this story on this Vikings legend :

  • Glenn Card posted 1812 days ago

    Glenn Card

    We're not done yet.

  • Matt Miselis posted 1823 days ago

    Matt Miselis

    Hey Steven,

    After the thrilling Monday Night shootout in Chicago, the Vikings have continued to collapse, and now the Eagles control their own destiny for the second seed. Appreciate any feedback given.

  • Glenn Card posted 1844 days ago

    Glenn Card

    I just had to say something.

  • Glenn Card posted 1869 days ago

    Glenn Card

    We're still at it.

  • Bryant Wilson posted 1870 days ago

    Bryant Wilson

    The Patriots are just as good as the Colts.