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  • LPfanatic4ev 3.0 posted 1708 days ago

    LPfanatic4ev 3.0

    I should still be on this friggin' account. So damn stupid.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 1711 days ago


    What's your favorite Linkin Park song?

  • Ryan Hathaway posted 1721 days ago

    Ryan Hathaway

    Hey dude you go on MyIGN right? Used to go there all the time, hatho21, but lately I have been I a sports state of mind so I haven't been on there much.

  • Xero Theory 3rd account posted 1737 days ago

    Xero Theory 3rd account

    Life... and school. But when I do get the chance to go online, I think I spend too much time here. MyIGN is my home, but I just can't find myself to comment on most things. I'll let the feminism thing die down first, then Victor wants me to do a profile blog. I'll bombard your newsfeed with comments around that time, lol.

  • Joel Reuter posted 1761 days ago

    Joel Reuter

    For the sake of continuity, I take all of my projected lineup information from MLBDepthCharts.com and that is the way they have the Cardinals lineup projected for the coming season.

    I certainly understand your point on them using Beltran second and Craig fourth for most of the year, and that may very well be how they configure it again this season, but until the season starts I'm simply using their projected lineups.

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 1788 days ago

    Jonathan Snowden

    Thanks for writing. My Grandpa used to take us to Cardinals games as a kid, so even though I haven't lived in St. Louis in more than 20 years, that will always be my team.

  • Andres Sarmiento posted 1827 days ago

    Andres  Sarmiento

    Hello you are a great B/R Comment guy much like the L of B/R :D

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1858 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Hey there. I know you don't know me but I've noticed you leave a few comments on WWE articles. Just thought maybe you could friend me cause i just made an account recently and have no friends (hope this isn't creepy).

  • Xero Theory 3rd account posted 1914 days ago

    Xero Theory 3rd account

    You have to woo her. Preferably with some sort of compacted carbon mineral.

  • K posted 1949 days ago


    So do I.Thanks for commenting.