I thrive on intellectual discussions on offensive and defensive strategies of each teams, players development, roster formation, and especially the unexpected. I will try to be as fair as possible in my analysis about every thing about basketball. I will avoid any mindless and pointless discussions so that i would not be wasting my time. I will not resort to childish bickering and name-calling. Lastly, I would want the best debates.

I'm generally a Spurs fan. I've been following them since duncan was drafted. He's my all-time favorite player because of his consistency, attitude, toughness, leadership, demeanor and unparalleled skills. His no non-sense attitude really impresses me because unlike other superstars who want the spotlight, Duncan actually defers from attention. Athletes are not celebrities that is why Duncan is the ultimate Athlete in my opinion. By the way, Duncan is the BEST PF in NBA HISTORY. His post skills are beyond everyone else. The only player that has more post moves than Duncan is the Dream Shake Hakeem Olajuwon. However, he's a center. Anyways, Duncan's patented bank shot cannot and may never be imitated by anyone else. He's the most complete player in his position. He's one of the best rebounders in the league, shot blockers, post scorers and defenders, passers and leaders. He may not be a vocal leader because he leads by example. He never had an issue with his teammates or with his coaches. He never was involved in any controversies. That is why he'll be a hall of famer one day.

The Spurs represent what team basketball is all about. They were never the most talented team or the team shown in sportcenters. But let me tell you this, they play each game like it is another game regardless if the opponent is their rival or the worst team in the league. Their approach to the game is amazing. They approach it like a marathon and not a sprint. They work on their chemistry throughout the season. They have no non-sense mentality. Their players are unselfish and are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the team. They show you how basketball is supposed to be played. They may have been unsuccessful in the last 5 years to win a championship but no one can take away from the spurs their glory and greatness as the greatest franchise over the last decade and a half. They still have the same core winning basketball games. Unlike others, where they are too impatient and are just willing to form alliances with their "friends" to take the easy way out of winning.

Manu Ginobli used to be one of the most out-of-control player. Pop even said that he felt older because of Ginobli. He's one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He's very unselfish because he willingly embraced his sixth man role. He could have been a multiple all star if he was a starter. One thing exciting about Manu is his unorthodox style of playing. He's one of the best when it comes to changing direction in a pick and roll play. He's one of the craftiest players ever. He's an excellent passer and sometimes his passes are jaw-dropping. He was unstoppable in that 2005 NBA Finals. He's also one of the smartest players I've seen. This guy can score single digits and then score like 30 points in the next game.

Tony Parker is one of the most efficient players I've seen play. Unlike other point guards, he is not so perimeter-based but he is not also dunking like other athletic PGs. He has mastered the floater. He could make floaters of different angles. He could do it after a spin, while in a pick and roll, and even in a fast break. He does his damage in the paint. Another great ability of parker is his ability to change speed and gear. He's going to surprise his opponents by suddenly increasing his speed. Last season, he was arguably
the best PG. His numbers may not suggest he's the best PG, but we've got to consider the fact that he played 32 minutes per game and he shares the ball with Manu Ginobli to run the pick and roll offense.

You may wonder why I love steve nash despite being a die-hard spurs fan, steve nash in his days in Phoenix revolutionize the PG position. He was a master of the pick and roll. Only John Stockto can really come close to Nash's Level when it comes to running the pick and roll. My favorite year in his suns days was the 2004-2005 season. In that season, they would run the fastbreak to perfection. The 7-second less Suns sometimes score even before the shot clock has reset. That team was one of the most exciting teams to watch. A lot of passes to feed my hunger for excitement. This guy is also one of the best shooters to play the game. He seems to shoot accurately everywhere. Another thing, Steve nash seems to shoot a lot of off-balance shots. He also uses his left hand so proficiently. In terms of passing abilities, his patented bounce pass to amare was classic and simply the best when it comes to making bounce passes.

My favorite team in the East is the Boston Celtics. Actually, I hated them during their first 2 years in the BIG 3 era. They were so arrogant well at least they seem to be. Kevin Garnett was irrelevant to me when he was a Minnesota Timberwolves. He wasn't winning a lot so I didn't get a lot of chance to watch him. However, I've soon realize how he plays upon his arrival in Boston. At first, I despised this guy because of his incessant trash talking. I also find it somewhat irritating his shouting and seething anger. However, when they defeated the Cavs in the 2010 east Semifinals, I've come to appreciate more their greatness. They united to form of the best team in NBA history because their chemistry was perfect. I also started to respect Garnett as I've watched them more often than before. His passion to the game is beyond anyone's level. He's attitude is what defined the Celtics over the last 5 seasons. DEFENSE .

Another Celtics player I've slowly respected and loved is Rajon Rondo. I'm not that impressed with Rondo during his few years in boston. However, recently, he starts to become as one of the purest point guards in the NBA. His scoring ability may not be the best but his playmaking ability has continuously expanded throughout his career. The BIG 3 relied more on rondo as they get a little older. Right now, the Celtics is definitely Rondo's team. Rondo is also a Triple-double machine because he likes to hustle in loose balls and grabs a lot of long rebounds.

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