Sean Martin

Sean Martin


I am a graduate of the University of Vermont, where I earned my BS in Mechanical Engineering.

I briefly posted through NBC's as an intern.

One of my two dreams is to cover college football as a profession.

Follow me on Twitter: @SaturdaysGame

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  • Colin Means posted 2876 days ago

    Colin Means

    Hey Sean,

    Check out my article about Isiah Thomas. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Colin Means posted 2884 days ago

    Colin Means

    No problem man I enjoy reading your stuff.

  • David Arreola posted 2912 days ago

    David Arreola

    ok first off, that rick roll hurt. That hit me right in the soul.....

    well played though, best rick roll yet.

    secondly, I am not a Tebow homer. I support Tebow because he is that good of a football player. Believe it or not, I was one of his chief critics when he was coming into Florida. I couldn't believe all the hype that followed him. It sickened me.

    But, he has won me over with his play and how hard he plays the game. Those 4th quarters in the SEC & National Championship game....they were unlike anything I'd ever seen.

    I am not bias for Tebow because I am a Florida fan. I truly believe he will be a good NFL quarterback.


    P.S. I said fluent sentence structure....not superior
    P.S.S. thanks for the website...I am going to pass on the soul crushing site to many others...

  • Andrew Reuss posted 2930 days ago

    Andrew Reuss

    That's awesome to hear that you know him. I was over at his apartment all the time during break, as we went to HS together. Good to hear from someone who knows about Vermont and UVM, stay in touch.

  • Andrew Reuss posted 2930 days ago

    Andrew Reuss

    Noticed you on the writers page for Oklahoma State Football and saw that you go to UVM. I am actually from Vermont and know many people that go to UVM. One of them being Tim Snow the captain of your club football team last year. I figured I should drop a note as I could not see that you were from UVM and not let you know. So are you originally from VT?

    Keep up the good posts


  • Michael Collins posted 2931 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Thanks for the pick, Sean.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2932 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    You are welcome Sean. You did an excellent job putting it together, and I enjoyed the read.

  • Jake D'Agostino posted 2932 days ago

    Jake D'Agostino

    No problem Sean. I really enjoyed the slideshow, and it was well worth my time to read it. I just posted an article and wanted to get your feedback:
    Thanks a lot. And about your idea to write a recap of a Pats game, I say go for it. If its something you would like to do, I say you should write it. If I were you, I would probably do it on the game against Arizona but any one will work.

  • Sean Martin posted 2943 days ago

    Sean Martin

    I am contemplating recapping each Patriot game this season. Would this be worth the time and effort? I am open to any and all criticism or thought.

    Thank you.