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I also served as a contributor to NFL Magazine (2011) and writer for Athlon Sports (2012) as well as websites such as FootballPros.com and Gridiron Grit.
I can also be heard weekly on Fox Sports Radio in Hartford, CT and have been a steady guest on Yahoo! Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio and also appear on a weekly basis during the NFL season on Patriots Playbook on Patriots.com Radio and numerous other stations and pod-casts across the country and all over the world.
My passion is watching and covering professional football and I've been lucky enough to turn it into a career.
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  • Willy Istvan posted 8 days ago

    Willy Istvan

    Regarding your article "Who's the Talk of Every NFL Team...", I was reading about Aldon Smith of the 49ers. You imply that there was some stressful buildup about the LAX incident and that the expected outcome was some huge relief to 49ers. The fact that there were no charges coming was already talked about for a couple of months. The thing is, Aldon has a much more serious situation coming up. On May 12, 2013, Aldon pleaded no contest to a bevy of charges which included 3 felony weapons charges. He is due in court for sentencing on July 25, 2013 and is facing a max of 4 years and 4 months. The outcome of this case will also affect Goodell's decision as to how long of a suspension to hand down to Smith. This is obviously a much more important development than the "old news" LAX story.

  • Ice JJ Fish posted 51 days ago

    Ice JJ Fish


  • Faith in the Raptors and Bruno posted 63 days ago

    Faith in the Raptors and Bruno

    "It was interesting that the Patriots did not add a defensive tackle in the draft." COME ON DUDE! They took Dominique Easley, a DEFENSIVE TACKLE, and in the FIRST ROUND! Did you not watch the draft? What a joke

  • Glenn Borchardt posted 74 days ago

    Glenn Borchardt

    You have committed a huge injustice in your column dated April 30th. Being an old die hard Packer fan and as good as Donald Driver was, I don't think that he was the best steal in Packer draft history. Without question it has to Bart Starr drafted in 1956 in the 17th round out of Alabama. No doubt about it at all. He's in the hall of fame, number retired and is one of the few players with his name on the Lambeau Field painted on the rim of the stadium. Winning quarterback in the first 2 Super Bowls, numerous MVP's and Pro Bowl selections. This needs to be corrected in your list of the 32 teams.

  • Ben Schneider posted 80 days ago

    Ben Schneider

    You know nothing of what you say. How you became a professional analyst is simply astounding.

  • Brandon Kravatz posted 88 days ago

    Brandon Kravatz

    Read your recent NFL 'progress reports' article, very thorough, very well done. Thanks for the good read.

  • Nate Padilla posted 116 days ago

    Nate Padilla

    You should stop writing, you are horrible. Please, PLEASE stop. You are just.... sooo bad..

  • dakota long posted 117 days ago

    dakota long

    you just put some of the shittest teams in the league in front of the chiefs and im offended .... the titans lol the jets..... the cowboys.... the old men steelers.... have you lost your mind .... the chiefs loss two players that will have any impact and thats albert and Schwartz.... who else worth a damn did we lose enlighten me .. im a season ticket holder went to every game .... dexter was freaking useless in the passing game and can only return kicks ... tyson jackson is a bum and a bust he hasn't improved at all and just robbed Atlanta out of 25 million ... this team ranked at 21st...... is an insult ... so what we didn't get saunders hes over rated and has never had a thousand yard season .... get real man im in shock and cant believe you would disrespect such a talented roster and coaching staff that way ... we were one pt away from divisional round after going 2-14 might i add that no one ever puts into account how many players we lost in that game and early... jamaal charles, brandon flowers, put into account everything over the season and you would re think what you just wrote....the five losses three were by one possession and one was with our second and third stringers in ....

  • Trevor Sundheim posted 117 days ago

    Trevor Sundheim

    Your latest NFL power rankings are hilarious. Glad I was able to get a good laugh at your Eagles sitting 5th above the Broncos. hahaha Guess the Eagles signing one player makes them able to change the initial 52-20 loss they suffered last season. Thanks!

  • John B posted 221 days ago

    John B

    have you considered trying something else besides writing about shit you know nothing about?

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