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A freelance NFL writer, editor, researcher and analyst for more than 30 years with a background in both television (ESPN and NFL Network)--contributing to shows that won 5 Emmy Awards--as well as radio (both live and voice-over), I am the founder of and besides my work on Bleacher Report, I can be found at Pro Player Insiders, FanSided, Cold Hard Foootball Facts, The Sports Post, ThePostGame (Yahoo! Sports), The Football Girl and NFL Female. I also team with Sunny Cadwallader to co-host "1st and 60" an hour-long NFL show on Google+.
I also served as a contributor to NFL Magazine (2011) and writer for Athlon Sports (2012) as well as websites such as and Gridiron Grit.
I can also be heard weekly on Fox Sports Radio in Hartford, CT and have been a steady guest on Yahoo! Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio and also appear on a weekly basis during the NFL season on Patriots Playbook on Radio and numerous other stations and pod-casts across the country and all over the world.
My passion is watching and covering professional football and I've been lucky enough to turn it into a career.
If you're interested in NFL stats on a daily basis, check me out on Twitter at @BaxFootballGuru
And for those of you on Facebook, check out my Pro Football Guru page

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  • luke sobo posted 105 days ago

    luke sobo

    could you answer if you read these? Just so i know

  • luke sobo posted 105 days ago

    luke sobo

    I think you have every right respond to those critics, because you are a very very good journalists, and people just trash writers, they don't give rational criticism. People on bleacher report are offended every time somebody doesn't rank their home team player over someone else because they're all they watch. Same with me I'm an Eagles fan and I was kind of annoyed when you ranked lesean mccoy behind adrian peterson but thats an opinion by me. What do I know I'm a kid! Keep up the good work, I really look forward to your articles.

  • Richard Parker posted 106 days ago

    Richard Parker

    I have to come to you directly, because every time you respond to a critic (on one of your articles), you do it wrong. I want you get this through your head: Don't be mean to people who offer you rational criticism. You are shooting yourself in the foot every time you react to someone who disagrees with you. You are, without a doubt, the most unprofessional sports journalist I have ever seen. Get your act together, because I, along with other people, do not have respect for you (or any other writer that reacts like a child). You are a professional journalist, so behave like one.

  • William Berry posted 106 days ago

    William Berry

    Panthers focused on ending a five-game losing streak on Kickoff Weekend when they open the season at Tampa Bay. All good & bad things come to an end!

  • William Berry posted 106 days ago

    William Berry

    Russell S. Baxter you are my least favorite writer because of your total bias for the ATL falcons. You have a problem with Cam Newton because he grew up in ATL and is now a Panther. Until the next bias review you write.....

  • mike s posted 108 days ago

    mike s

    I know the article you posted about the nfl's best rivalries is old is old but i saw it for the first time recently.. I'm so surprised that Jets vs Patriots isn't being mentioned really at all by anyone.... over the past 15-20 years there have been endless story lines... Parcells and martin jumping to the jets.. Bellichick resigning a day after being named jets coach to go to NE... The jets responsible for brining Brady in when he was a back up... Then the Mangini/Bellichick hatred... Then Brady publicly saying he hates the jets... Then Rex coming in and saying he wasn't brought in to kiss BB rings.. Then beating him 4 times in 4 years as Jets coach (including a playoff win in NE)... Also, the spygate scandal..... What rivalry has more storylines than that? Not to mention these teams tend to split the season series with each other on a yearly basis now.... Theres also the boston/ny aspect... These teams hate each other... how is this not on the list? Hell... How is it not even being talked about by anyone?! I'm not even a fan of either of these teams but if that's not a rivalry what is? lol

  • William Berry posted 123 days ago

    William Berry

    Really???? Last year is last year gone......They will be even better once all are adjusted to their new jobs and roles. You are really dragging us Panther Fans.....Seriously????

  • William Berry posted 129 days ago

    William Berry

    What contribution did Steve Smith and others have that could be of any magnitude this year? The Carolina Panthers are doing what any corporation would do. They are making changes for their future. The old has to be changed for the new. This team will NOT have to scratch for points. This is an unit that will force its will on other teams. You play the game on the field and NOT in the media or popularity contests. If you don't see it maybe you need to wait and watch for yourself.

  • William Berry posted 130 days ago

    William Berry

    Tiquan Underwood BACK with The Panthers?.......For real? Seriously if he is cut he won't be back because they are looking for young players. He is NOT going to crack the top 3 so why keep him on the team and he be inactive all year? Help me understand you here...!

  • zac Klausman posted 136 days ago

    zac Klausman

    Why write and article without a comment section...Terrible call though on the Rams.

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