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I'm a professional blogger and sports fanatic. My real name is Daniel von Steinberg, I was thrown into this pit due to the 'beef' that was started by my 'BOY' Jarred. I don't have plans of sticking out longer, however when i saw his RIDICULOUS notes it made me flare up and I find it really uncalled for (I don't like haters). Quit talking BS and let's start fighting w/ our PENS (read it carefully). A quill is sharper than a sword and I'll prove it. A little personal info, I've graduated Communication arts Major in Journalism from the prestigious school Imperial College (London). I'm 27 years old and am currently leaving in Wichita Falls, TX where I'm teaching out of school youths and juvenile delinquents. I'm currently working as PR manager for McCann-Ericsson a Global advertising company.

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  • Dan Exelsior posted 2865 days ago

    Dan Exelsior


  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3082 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez


    the huwebes has returned...after a long hiatus this is my comeback article here in bleacherreport as time is really closing for me in here...

    mabuhay bleacher report!!! :)

  • Joey Corso posted 3098 days ago

    Joey Corso

    This is the story of a ball player who beat the odds. Its a true heartwarmer, and I'd love to hear what you think.