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  • Bertie Wooster posted 979 days ago

    Bertie Wooster

    Glad you are still alive. Thought you ended it after the Pats won the SB. I'd miss your trolling so much.

  • Bill Belichick's Hoodie posted 1111 days ago

    Bill Belichick's Hoodie

    Hey, how about them pats yesterday :)

  • Slightly Biased Tom Brady Fan posted 1381 days ago

    Slightly Biased Tom Brady Fan

    Peyton Manning 1-2 in the Super Bowl? Losing by 35 to the Seahawks? LOL! Peyton is a choke artist. Always has been, always will be.

  • Slightly Biased Tom Brady Fan posted 1437 days ago

    Slightly Biased Tom Brady Fan

    Tom Brady - 3 rings and 17 playoff wins
    Peyton Manning - 1 ring and 9 playoff wins
    But Peyton is better, lol

  • Ryan Buckley posted 1453 days ago

    Ryan Buckley

    You probably suck Peyton Manning's' dick. You have no football knowledge. You hate the Patriots, but never have a reason as to why. You hate Tom Brady, but you don't have a reason why. I bet you cried and bitched when Brady OUTPLAYED Manning Sunday, and how Manning could not hold a 24 point lead! And how Manning threw for what? I think 150 yards?

  • Christopher Knowlton posted 1510 days ago

    Christopher Knowlton

    You really are obsessed with the Pats. Its not Pats fans fault that we have a great franchise and shitbags like you are too ignorant to see the same obnoxious fans sleeping right next door to u. You need some real mental help.

  • Peter Loomis posted 1513 days ago

    Peter Loomis

    How cute, another Peyton Manning stalker...

  • Johnny Bravo posted 1634 days ago

    Johnny Bravo

    Who is your favourite NFL player?

  • Christopher Jasmin posted 1695 days ago

    Christopher Jasmin

    No problem bud.

  • Kumar Kallurupalli posted 1708 days ago

    Kumar Kallurupalli

    I'm glad to see that you hate the Pats. If you aren't hated, you sure as hell aren't doing it right. Thank you so much. And please enjoy watching Manning. There is a reason why people love Manning, Steve Nash etc and hate Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James etc.