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I enrolled on the B/R Copy Editing Internship program in September 2012, and after completion (and a HUGE amount of learning) I was offered a spot on B/R's team of on-call copy editors. So, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about changes I may have made to one of your articles.

My main areas of interest are world football and tennis—although basketball and American football are growing on me rapidly—and I'm a diehard Liverpool fan even though I've lived in London all my life. (It's a long story.)

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  • Thomas Cooper posted 6 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    I've not actually seen the Petit movie, nor the Man on Wire documentary about him from a few years back. I remember reading a fair bit about him when the latter came out, though, and for some (strange) reason it entered my mind to reference him in that Lamela piece.

    I'd heard good things about the new film but it is another on the long list of releases this year to have passed me by.

  • Blair Newman posted 8 days ago

    Blair Newman

    Cheers for editing my Juventus vs. Milan slideshow today Glen, really appreciate it.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 10 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for checking over my Erik Lamela article today, Glen.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 12 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for checking in with those edits on my Tottenham piece from yesterday, Glen.

  • Paul Ansorge posted 14 days ago

    Paul Ansorge

    Great - thanks Glen, that's a really helpful addition!

  • Paul Ansorge posted 15 days ago

    Paul Ansorge

    Hi Glen - thanks for the edits - didn't have a link for "Total human being" because it was obtained first hand as per the line at the bottom of the article - but too many is definitely better than not enough!

  • Thomas Cooper posted 17 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Andros Townsend article today, Glen.

  • Tim Collins posted 21 days ago

    Tim Collins

    Hi Glen

    Thanks for the edits. Damn autocorrect changes "Jese" to "Jose" nearly every time. Must have missed correcting it a couple of times.



  • Jack Lusby posted 31 days ago

    Jack Lusby

    Hey Glen, thanks for the edit - went for "potentially" with Ings' injury because he's not ruled out a return this season himself, said he's hopeful of coming back early!

  • Jack Lusby posted 43 days ago

    Jack Lusby

    Thanks for the edit today, Glen. When I clicked the official link to the Mignolet piece it came up as unavailable!