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  • nephelauxetic posted 1988 days ago


    Chuck mcnuts, your user name fits you perfectly because both your username and yourself are unintelligent. You keep posting one liners without backing your statements with evidence, proofs or even an explanation. You must be a troll. From what I've seen, you must be a Bobcats fan. so, I'm assuming your so miserable with your horrible team that you spread your hate towards the Rockets. I'm not necessarily a Rockets fan but your trolling is so irritating because it exposes how low is your IQ. Also, your opinions shown in your short list are utterly idiotic like you. You don't even make any sense. This site is where sport discussions happen. I feel so much pity for your incompetent and shallow thinking. I can also deduce that you are a racist towards asian. Please answer this question: Why do you call asians "shitty"? Are you that insecure? Are you that shallow?
    Are you that retarded?

    Please! Reply to me as soon as you read this comment of mine. I look forward to beat you in any debate you want to engage in.

  • Rusty Kuntz posted 1988 days ago

    Rusty Kuntz