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  • Will posted 774 days ago




    I am not upset.

    Not at all.

    I just thought your comment was humorous and worth responding to.

    If you actually read what was being said . . . I believe I asked Jason to go away and adopt someone else.

    He is the one who came onto this site and found me.

    Not the other way around.

    Seemingly he was upset that I have two favorite teams . . . instead of just one.

    Way back when . . . I had the Bears as my favorite NFL team and the Jets as my favorite AFL team.

    Long before Superbowl III.

    For some reason . . . that really seems to piss him off.

  • Will posted 774 days ago


    Hi Steven.

    I now have something like 3,970 something comments on my one account.

    I must really be prolific if you think I have more than one account.

    I don't.

    But . . . remember this . . . and see how long it takes YOU to get that many.