Randy Smith

Randy Smith


I never watched basketball until February, 2012. Now I am a fan, watching as many games as possible with no cable, sometimes at work I watch the ‘Box Score’ on the NBA/Knicks website. I was in "The Garden" for the first time ever, to watch the Knicks vs. Raptors, 03/20/12. I read every news story, sports article, blog or tweet I could get my hands on. I came to admire Jeremy Lin, on and off of the court.

The Free Agency Saga of 2012 turned my stomach. I was a Knicks fan a short time, but have lived in New York City more than 30 years. It broke my heart to see such an incredible athlete and success story be let go by the Knicks in such an egregious fashion. I'm now a bona fide Houston Rockets fan, and don't care what any Knicks fan thinks about that.

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