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Three things that I strongly believe in are sports, movies and accountability. Thanks to Bleacher Report, I can now expunge verbal diarrhea on two of those subjects, saving movies for another day/site/forum. What else is there to know about me... I defend Barry Bonds, not because I think he didn't do the drugs but rather because I don't care that he did and find MLB to be full of hypocrites, but general sports fans to be even worse. I love NCAA hoops and football despite growing up in Canada where University sports rank behind curling and equestrian. I'm willing to take shots at those that I admire or cheer for if they deserve it (that's aimed at you UofM football!) and I generally appreciate comments and criticisms if they are constructive. I enjoy getting into some back and forths with my detractors but will avoid those who post just to rip on someone else's opinion so they can feel good about themselves. Basically, give me an opinion and I will agree or disagree, maybe even argue my point, but respond to simply write something derogatory and you may get the privilege of having an entire article written about you.

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