I am a die-hard sports fan that follows the CUBS, Bulls, and Dallas Cowboys with a passion that makes me believe sports is my religion.

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  • Thom Cunningham posted 2071 days ago

    Thom Cunningham


  • Randy Garcia posted 2227 days ago

    Randy Garcia

    Hi Anthony, thanks for being a fan.

  • Mosang Miles posted 2248 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Sure thing Anthony!

  • Mosang Miles posted 2250 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Hey Anthony,

    I just changed the tags on your article to Preview/Prediction. The problem might be that you're using the "what type of article is this?" section. Just ignore that, as I don't think it really does anything, and type the tags into the box right below the "On which pages..." section.


  • Blaize Pennington posted 2252 days ago

    Blaize Pennington

    Hey I updated my power rankings, what do you think?

  • Max Fischer posted 2252 days ago

    Max  Fischer

    """They are just straight up haters. Anytime someone comes along and does things differently, they are automatically judged more harshly than one who is formulaic."""

    I agree, Anthony. I think Tebow has one advantage in that the officiating isn't anywhere near the problem as it is in basketball. I think that has been a killer for Dirk. I also think Dirk has never had the kind of players that complement his skills. I believe Dirk is highly underrated for this reason. It's kind of like how Nash and Dirk got better when they split. Nash played with his ideal complementary players in Phoenix. Dirk never has. I think if he did it would take him from a one time MVP winner to a multiple MVP winner and multiple championship winner.

    Tebow doesn't have the ref bias Dirk faces but he is even more reliant on his teammates and coaches. If he is on a bad team and they struggle in the NFL he will take the blame for it whether he deserves it or not because it is so easy to take one player out of a game in the NFL. No matter how great. even in college I felt Tebow faced this last season. Teams were focused on stopping him and because the Gators didn't have a true runningback to take pressure off him it likely lost him a second Heisman.

  • Mosang Miles posted 2252 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Hey Anthony,

    Have you tried typing Preview/Prediction into the search box? A list of options should come up when you type something in the box. If nothing works, let me know what tags you want and I can add them.


  • Max Fischer posted 2252 days ago

    Max  Fischer

    Thanks for the article! Anthony, man.. it is scary how much we think a like. I worry for you because I know how frustrating viewing the world through my eyes has been! Let me ask you this.. on the Tebow and Dirk issues.. it seems almost as if the general population sees these players as the complete opposite of reality. Why do you think that is? I have my take on it.. I am curious what yours is..

  • Max Fischer posted 2253 days ago

    Max  Fischer

    Sic Transit Gloria - Glory Fades

    Say a prayer for Surf Boy, wherever he is...

    Looking forward to more Tebow articles I like your style. Not afraid of controversy.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 2253 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Since Uriah is in the WEC organization, it is up to them to market him. They did a great job before his fight with Jens Pulver. I don't know what thy will do next.