Fanatic about both UFC - particularly Chael Sonnen - and NFL - particularly Peyton Manning! To take a page out of The Voice of Reason I'll list a few random things but the short bio is really all you need to know. :)

Grew up alongside the ocean and the hour drive I face now feels like being completely landlocked.

Would be fine with snow being there a full half of the year.

Proudly Canadian yet strongly preferring American sports.

Prospective Kindergarten teacher.

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  • Jamal Collier posted 1213 days ago

    Jamal Collier

    Thanks for the props, Alana!

  • Anthony Fusco posted 1227 days ago

    Anthony Fusco

    Thank you for the praise on my Why the UFC should Move More into Canada with no NHL article. It really means a lot and I hope you enjoy all future articles!

  • Josh Cembellin posted 1232 days ago

    Josh Cembellin

    Thanks for the props on my NFL Rumors article, Alana! I appreciate the support.

  • Jack M posted 1235 days ago

    Jack M

    It's a trap..this is a guy IRL.

  • J.P. Gaston posted 1240 days ago

    J.P. Gaston

    Thanks for the props Alana. :)

  • greg cuomo posted 1242 days ago

    greg cuomo


  • Vince Carey posted 1247 days ago

    Vince Carey

    Thanks for liking my article. It's nice to see a few fresh faces on here, especially when they know what they're talking about!

  • Dustin Kuipers posted 1248 days ago

    Dustin Kuipers

    You're insightful.

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 1252 days ago

    Jonathan  Snowden

    Thanks for becoming a fan. Enjoy your comments on the site.

  • Jeff Samy posted 1253 days ago

    Jeff Samy

    Your Pretty :) and you know your stuff when it comes to UFC.. nothing could be hotter!