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  • The Triumvirate of Brilliance posted 1426 days ago

    The Triumvirate of Brilliance

    Will you slag! Don't bother me around the holidays; needs must; jog on; aperitifs?

  • Sir Gunner posted 1645 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    No problem! I don't mind, anyone can use it as a matter of fact, I'm just scared that people will over-use it.

  • Sir Gunner posted 1645 days ago

    Sir Gunner


  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 1776 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Haha, being at B/R has changed that a bit. I used to be a supporter of both clubs, seeing as my dad's an Arsenal fan and we never got too heavily into the history of either club. But now, I'm a much stronger Spurs fans, and with that comes a bit of animosity towards Arsenal I suppose. I wouldn't call myself an Arsenal fan/supporter as I used to anymore, though I'd still support them over the likes of Man City, Man U and Chelsea.

  • Emile Donovan posted 1942 days ago

    Emile Donovan

    Hey buddy, cheers for the compliment! Haha, I'm male. Emile is a French male name, I was named after this old writer called Emile Zola. Don't worry, you're by no means the first and certainly not the last.