Eric Jiang

Eric Jiang



Welcome Marcus Smart! Hope he's in for the long run.


My Dream Team (under 25 year old players)

PG: Kyrie Irving
SG: James Harden
SF: Paul George
PF: Kevin Durant
C: Andre Drummond

My 3 point specialist lineup

PG: Ray Allen
SG: Dell Curry
SF: Larry Bird
PF: Matt Bullard
C: Matt Bonner

My Dream Team in NBA(only current players)

PG: Kyrie Irving
SG: Paul George
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Lebron James
C: Dwight Howard

My dream dunking lineup
PG: Robert Pack
SG: Michael Jordan
SF: Gerald Green
PF: Blake Griffin
C: Deandre Jordan

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  • Enzo posted 5 hours ago


    gotta represent my country brah

    u mess with me, you mess with the horns >:(

  • Small Fundamental posted 5 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Defending champions are favorites until proven otherwise :)

  • Enzo posted 16 hours ago


    Hello :)

    It brings me great news that our offseason has ended much sooner that I though. International Basketball Association, or IBA has officially been opened by the Yahoo servers!!!!

    For those who have participated in our League, I have already sent you guys emails. Basically, just log into your Yahoo account, search for your team or our League, and simply click "renew." Once completed, you are now officially in and may be able to participate in our practice drafts

    For new members ( Knickerboxer and Biased Thunder Fan) I have also sent you invites through email. Click on the link and accept. Viola you are in :)

    The draft date on screen shows "Saturday, October 4" IGNORE THAT. It is not official and is simply used to buy time until our League is officially set

    have fun guys and good luck :)

  • The Durantula posted 18 hours ago

    The Durantula

    Lol I'm actually more afraid of the Grizzlies than any other team in the league. We need to see Thunder vs Cavs in the Finals so KD can get his revenge on Lebron

  • Enzo posted 1 day ago


    we added the 3 PT% to emphasize guards while double double's are clearly in favor of big men

  • Enzo posted 1 day ago


    sup Eric :)

    the double double stat is pretty much someone who gets double digits in 2 categories. example is Rondo who has 15 points and 10 assists.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1 day ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Agreed. I can't wait for the season! We are like 2 months away!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1 day ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I think drafting Marcus Smart, and re-signing Avery Bradley to a big contract were 2 big hints that they plan on trading Rondo. I really want Rondo to stay on the Celtics though.

  • The Durantula posted 1 day ago

    The Durantula

    We better at least make the Finals next year. Or else I'll legit get worried about KD walking. If our big 3 can stay healthy, and Jackson and Lamb can get better and contribute more, I think OKC has as good a shot as anybody.

  • Damian C posted 2 days ago

    Damian C

    1. They probably didn't even want him that much, they just ended up with him because they made a random bid, like a number of teams. Who cares, anyway, he's a 1-year rental.

    2. Second year is a team option, which they will probably use. They overpaid him just so he could stick around this season and boost Lakers' chances of making playoffs (which are VERY low)

    3. No, freaking idea, but it's a bargain!