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  • Paul Pierce posted 735 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    I'm doing ok man, how are you?

    These changes were inevitable. Personally upset to see Paul Pierce not playing every year of his career in a Celtic. I hope he can come back to Boston at the end of next season once they trade away Chumpfries & Wallace. I just have to trust management will make this rebuild short. Even with our current roster we could still snag the 8th seed, but it seems like they might tank.

  • Eddy Curry posted 748 days ago

    Eddy Curry

    nice pic penguins are cool

  • Paul Pierce posted 768 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    In terms of NBA history this a great finals series. Not many teams win the NBA title after losing the first game, so Miami to break the curse says alot about their resilience. LeBron James was stellar. The result is great, that they want the title but people will always point to the first couple of games and say "LeBron regressed to the 2011 finals form" and it's true he did. He wasn't tentative, he just wasn't aggressive. The important part to take away from this is that LeBron conquered a mental hurdle. It was much more difficult to repeat against the Spurs than it was to play the Thunder. The Thunder were ill-prepared for the Heat. The Heat knew they only need to win 1 game in OKC then they had 3 games at home. This particular series was not decided until the Miami Heat fought back for the game 6 victory.

    I think in terms of NBA history this NBA finals had the best displays of Unsung heroes too. It wasn't really a "Stars" final. From Ray Allen, Birdman, Battier, to Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and Gary neal the role players in this series were excellent. It wasn't a slug fest which was great to see. The games weren't really bogged down by techs, and "fake" tough guy plays which was nice to see. These guys had the utmost respect for each other, while being downright competitive. There weren't any sound bites, or trash talk. They just played ball.

    I like the symbolism of this particular finals series. It shows the evolution of LeBron James. The first 2 games he regressed to his 2011 & 2007 form. Only two storm back in the next 5 games. If you've followed LeBron's career like I have you'll remember when Tim Duncan said "In a few years this will be your league". By playing the Spurs again in the 2013 and winning, LeBron James has all but cemented that this League is his. The time of the Boston Celtics, Spurs, Mavs & Lakers has passed. The old HOF gang of Duncan,Dirk,Kobe, Pierce, KG, Allen, Ginobli, Nash, Kidd, etc are done competing for the championship. That's not to say they won't get another chance at a title, but all roads to the championship go through LeBron James and his Generation. It's officially LeBron's generation's league. If you don't have a great player who was drafted in 2003 or after, you will be hard pressed to win a championship. It will be interesting to see what roster moves people make now in order to try and compete with Miami. This is going to make guys like Cp3, Melo, Dwight, Dwill, Durant, Griffin, George, and Westbrook more desperate to win titles. You should expect alot of teams to make powerplays in order to compete because the Window is closing. You can ask the players of Jordan's generation why the didn't win championships. You can sure bet guys will demand more from management.

    This is a great win for the people of Miami. It's no surprise how much sports brings people together. I've seen it here in Boston. Keep your head up and just know that the Heat are legitimate champs. People will still hate but their voices will be drowned out, as now that the Heat have repeated as champions more people will jump on the LeBron bandwagon.

  • Paul Pierce posted 769 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    They pulled it off!

  • Paul Pierce posted 770 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    I don't know why this didn't post on your wall. Those people were really insensitive. I saw some of the pictures. There were some kids on that bar deck. People have no class.

  • Paul Pierce posted 771 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    My accounts commenting was glitching. I reported those comments to the forum moderators.

  • Paul Pierce posted 800 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    That diminishing talk is a bunch of crap though. People have short term memory. The completely forgot how ridiculous he was playing during the Win streak. I agree with Stan's comments. Wade is certainly saving himself. People will always undervalue his defense and his ability to seemingly score at will. The guy has to much heart. I put wade in the Same Category as Kobe, Dirk, Pierce, and Duncan. The guy has only wanted to play for one franchise. That's why I respect him. He remembers who helped him get to where he is.

    But yeah I think UD and SB are going to have to play well for Miami to win. That and I'd like to see Norris Cole continue to improve. Everyone believed he was the steal of his draft class and he showing the same composure he showed during his first season.

    I always remember two things about it. Chanting for 4 minutes. "Let's Go Celtics". Despite the fact that we lost, and LeBron turning on "God Mode". I've been waiting for it all playoffs. I think this will be the series.

  • Paul Pierce posted 800 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    You should be very proud of where you come from. Your team is doing a great job, and I know LeBron and Wade do alot for the city. I know you guys get hammered all the time, but that's mostly because people are jealous that you guys got a great team. Same thing happened to Boston (Big 3) albiet less hate because there was no "Decision" and Pre-season celebration.

    The Heat have the best odds of winning the championship still very High. I mean I've placed my bets. I think that they have a solid 60% chance of winning. I know that's incredibly high, but LeBron has conquered his mental hurdles. He is playing at transcendent level. The fact that he hasn't even had to dominate (Putting up 30+) for the Heat says alot about the team. I think the scary part is that who ever comes out of the west will give the Heat a scare. The Spurs are pretty much similar to the heat in their system. Deadly 3 point shooters around 3 great players (Parker, Ginobli and Duncan). Not to forget to mention Kawhi Leonard. I think he is one of the best defenders at his position. He is the X factor for the Spurs and Wade is the x Factor for the Heat. I'm really pulling for Wade to play well against Indy. I'm tired of hearing people say he "fell off". I think if he is healthy Miami is still a freight train.

    The problem Indiana is going to have is Paul George vs LeBron. Stephenson will have to be huge two. This is going to be the series in which LeBron turns on what I call "God Mode". With Wade's health hangin in the balance LeBron is going to have to turn it up.

  • Paul Pierce posted 801 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    I wasn't threatening you at all. Don't ever insult me. I never said or else. You're misquoting me.

    "Don't ever insult my intelligence. I didn't insult yours. That's rude and unnecessary. "

    I was asking for some respect. I didn't say what else. I'm asking you for decency as a human being as I didn't address you in any particular way. I posted on your board a long time ago. The conversation never started up. It's whatever. I can't find the pages I posted on after a certain amount of time. It's just more efficient to speak on a wall. When you get some time, because I know they are long just read the posts. I wasn't saying anything negative other than to not takes shots at a person over sports. I didn't do that to you.

    Russell is certainly in my top 5. For me it's: 1.Jordan 2. Kareem 3. Russell. Interchangeably.

    The long posts don't mean I have anything against you. I just don't want you to leave with the impression that I am some rowdy half cocked Bostonian. I'm not. That's all man. You're obviously a good enough person to post on my board asking for clarification. You haven't said anything else other than calling me a "dumb Bill Simmons.". Bygone be Bygones.

    Who do you think is coming out of the West. Personally for me I think that the Spurs won't be stunned by the Grizzlies again. LeBron is finally going to get his rematch lol

  • Paul Pierce posted 801 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    Unfortunately I don't think Russell is the greatest of all time. That is such an vague title. Especially considering he didn't play throughout all of time haha. He's one of greatest champions and basketball minds ever. he was the greatest of his time and I think that is a proper title for a player like Russell. I just think he is severely under appreciated for the work he did on and off the court. I mean he just got a statue in Boston. After 50 years. That says alot about how little people recognized his efforts. He's just one of those larger than life characters for me. A guy that never really made anything about himself.