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  • Harry Higgins posted 714 days ago

    Harry Higgins

    should really have a look into some schools and their women.. poor form on the rankings of college females.

  • Aaron Cleveland posted 1016 days ago

    Aaron Cleveland


  • Captain Canada posted 1055 days ago

    Captain Canada

    You're a complete chump. There's not much more to say other than the Louisville Ladybirds are the nationally reigning dance champs. Do I really need to go more indepth? Smoking hotties. UK doesn't have anything on the babes here in the Ville, on top of that, we're also in Kentucky so we still got them southern girls you speak of. Biased sports rankings are the worst.

  • Dillon Jones posted 1065 days ago

    Dillon Jones

    You're an idiot. The "college football's hottest fan bases" could have been much better if you actually new a little something about these colleges, or anyting about college football. The pictures weren't good either.

  • Max Willis posted 1240 days ago

    Max Willis

    Yeah, i agree with some people here. Why are you on a sports website?

  • E_Con 211 posted 1330 days ago

    E_Con 211

    You really shouldn't be writing for a sports website...

  • A B posted 1342 days ago

    A B

    Everybody who complains about what he writes about, it is you, the readers, who put him at #1....just something to think about

  • Arad Markowitz posted 1429 days ago

    Arad Markowitz

    Wow 25 Million reads. Good work.

  • Raktim Sharma posted 1466 days ago

    Raktim Sharma

    Seriously dude, go write in some porn site. You are damaging the reputation of this site by being #1.

  • lester lampano posted 1475 days ago

    lester lampano