Patrick Clifton

Patrick Clifton


I'm loyal to my local teams: Kansas City Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou Tigers, UCM Mules, and even the Wizards. The only thing I love more than my local teams is hating my rivals: kansas (lowercase "k" for a reason), Raiders, Broncos, and St. Louis Cardinals. I also pledge allegiance to UCLA basketball, Notre Dame football, the Celtics, and any team featuring Shaq.

My first sports love was soccer, then I discovered football, wrestling, and basketball. In college I fell deeply in love with rugby and hope to continue playing beyond college. I also dabble in golf and tennis every now and then. I am a former intramural volleyball champion and beach volleyball enthusiast. I am undefeated all time in Indian leg wrestling, and thanks to "Dhani Tackles the Globe", am now deeply interested in Schwingen. I'll give any sport a chance once.

My favorite sport changes from day to day and week to week. The NFL Draft should be declared a national holiday. The joy I feel filling out March madness brackets is undescribable. College football rules the fall...on Saturdays. Fantasy football is an obsession. I once hosted a "doughnuts and margaritas" party to watch the World Cup in real time.

The only sports I find painful to watch are baseball and golf. An afternoon at the ballpark is time well spent, but growing up a Royals fan has really limited my ability to care about baseball on TV, given the boys in blue are usually out of it by July. See Rick Reilly's take on baseball in his recent column in ESPN the magazine.

Golf, well, does that really need an explanation?

I got into broadcasting and journalism because I wanted to make a living in sports, and I'm trying to make that happen.

There are a few places I vow to attend or cover a game before I die: Notre Dame Stadium, Neyland Stadium, Fenway, Rupp Arena, and Allen Fieldhouse (during a Tiger victory of course).

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