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  • Barrett Sallee posted 619 days ago

    Barrett Sallee

    Thanks man. I'll admit, my picks this year have been insanely good. No way I can keep it up.

  • Kevin King posted 862 days ago

    Kevin King

    Hey Vann,

    Please check out my latest UT article over on Football nation.


  • Kevin King posted 969 days ago

    Kevin King

    Hey Vann,

    I don't normally ask this. But I have a heckler on that last article named James Byrd. Any thing you can say to support my side to him would be appreciated. Only if you feel that way of course

  • Daniel Hudson posted 989 days ago

    Daniel Hudson

    Ha! Alright, keep me posted on how I do. I predicted those scores when we had Da'Rick, but CP is better than I (or most) expected, so it should level out.

  • Kevin King posted 990 days ago

    Kevin King

    It's the old "kick 'em while their down, thing". If it turns out the Vols don't follow this win up well, everybody throwing those questions out will look like they knew something. Also, some of them are setting things up for the Florida game. It will make for a nice storyline to do an article on just before Florida "Is the Tennessee Run Game REALLY that better", that type of stuff.

    One of the first things I learned as I started on this writing thing is being controversial creates more interest than agreeing.

    I like it! Especially if UT has turned the corner. If they do beat Florida, the media will start building them up. They will jump well into the top 25 (almost there now). All in preperation for the Alabama game where they will hope UT gets squashed, so they can write some "See, told you they weren't ready" stories.

    So, to recap, from now till Florida, it's keep kicking in expectation of a fail. If they beat Florida, It will become all about building them up, to eventually bring them down. Then, kicking them while down, until they refuse the stay. Then, its building them up again.

    The national (and some local) media is so predictablle. Almost like a little game. Also, UT and ESPN have a love-hate relationship. ESPN has broken a couple of stories that supposedly, would have really torn UT down. But, UT has at least twice proven the stories to be no big deal. As a result, ESPN had to back down.

    ESPN has no real love for UT athletics.

  • Kevin King posted 1011 days ago

    Kevin King

    Hey Vann! I really like the world record on not pissing off Mrs, Vann! How in the world you manage to go that long? Great job!

    Thanks alot for the fan thing! I really consider that an honor. I think Bleacher Report looks at that, too. Though they don't say anything about it. Anyway, I will try hard to earn your reading by doing my best. I'll let you know when I'm going to come up for a game.

    Maybe I can buy you a cold beer at Calhouns...