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David's love for sports journalism started when he co-founded a sports broadcasting club at his high school sophomore year. Never the stand-out athlete, he turned into a sports analysis freak, studying at the University of Southern California's journalism school. He graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors in communication.

David was the sports editor for his high school newspaper and a sports producer/anchor/reporter for Annenberg TV News. He previously was a videographer and editor for USC's official athletics website and participated in ESPNU's Campus Connection program. Throw in a Comcast Sportsnet internship and the wealth of experience has prepared him well for what lies ahead; he's quite happy to share his talents and knowledge with Bleacher Report.

All Hail Ed Hochuli.

Twitter: David_Bessin

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  • Robert Standard posted 1637 days ago

    Robert Standard

    Mr. Bessin, I would write to you privately, but I don’t have your email. I want to understand more about what it's like to a writer for B/R. I was invited to write for a different blog site, and I wondered about it, and then got busy with other things.

    I suggested to you that an article comparing what USC does to prevent injuries to what Stanford does would be more interesting than an article about the loss of Steven Mitchell. I think it’s safe to say that very few readers thought that the loss of Mitchell was important regarding 2013.
    You responded to me that you “don't have much info on USC's medical/conditioning staff at the moment. Ever since Lane Kiffin became head coach, the Trojans have been pretty tight-lipped on medical inquiries.”

    So, what’s it like be a reporter for B/R?

    1. Do you have any direct contact with any players at USC? Do you attend any practices, and speak with any players. Do you have contact information for them?

    2. If you contacted the USC conditioning coach and asked to interview him, would he say "no"?

    3. If that happened, and you wrote to Pat Haden or JK McKay to explain your article, and ask them to refer you to someone knowledgeable, would they just ignore your enquiry?

    4. If you listened to the 48-minute podcast of David Lombardi of scout.com on the subject of injury prevention at Stanford, and contacted him for more info or referrals to others, etc., would he give you reasonable professional courtesy with a little time and cooperation?

    5. If you read the article I read, probably on ESPN, about the SF 49ers’ very successful program injury-prevention program (it involves more-than-usual stretching, with specific stretches targeting each position group), would anyone at ESPN talk to you, and maybe direct you to a source for more information?

    6. If I were to accept the invitation to write for one of these kinds of sites, would I be totally isolated from any first-hand information, and just have to write in a vacuum?

    Thanks for you help with these questions. Your answers would go a long way to telling me if I would be interested in taking a whack at this kind of writing, just for fun. I’m not looking for a career change or money from this.



  • Nick Houser posted 1639 days ago

    Nick Houser

    GREAT call on Ray Allen in Game 6

  • TroKen posted 1648 days ago


    David one thing that I like about your writing is the fact that you take the time to respond to questions instead of blowing the fans off that take time to comment.