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I've been a Nascar fan fan for 50 of my 62 years.
The deepth's that the sport has reached, worry me.

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  • Horn Fan posted 3100 days ago

    Horn Fan

    Glad to see your back, hope if you haven't yet that you'll join the Truck Series community and feel free to contribute with writing about the trucks. I'm the C/L of the community, like you I'm tired of Cup and thanks to being a Hornaday fan. I still watch the races, but it's just not the same. Just follow the CWTS like I did Cup at one time, it's the best series, and reminds me of Cup back before Hendrick and Roush started the multi-team craze. That has forced out a bunch of great single team owners, who's only crime was they couldn't keep up with those two.

    Take Care,


  • Kara Martin posted 3100 days ago

    Kara Martin

    Nice to see you back in business!

  • Brandon Caldwell posted 3165 days ago

    Brandon  Caldwell

    I agree with you sooooo whole heartedly about the higherups in NASCAR.

    Pardon me, but I fucking hate Mike Helton, and John Darby. Its all about what looks better, just like the Regan Smith bullshit at Talladega last yr. If it were Jr., they wouldve given in, and changed it.

    Finally, someone who understands, i actually had pictures of Helton and Darby with $ for eyes, and the ppl that run NASCAR Race day made me take it down.

    Then i had a sign @ Pocono that had "I havent forgotten about Pearl Harbor" on it, with all of the Toyota drivers names crossed out, and they came out again and took it because Toyota is their sponsor.----pure NASCAR!!!!

    and the sprint thing with Verizon and AT&T not being in is insane too!!!!

    Thank you for shedding light on NASCAR's problems, and you can throw Robin Pemberton in there too, I thought he was different, but the $ got to his head too, so screw him!!!

  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3165 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    Welcome to the NASCAR fray Jeff. Glad to see you writing - this is a very interesting time for our sport for sure. Anything I can do to assist, post me a note on my Bulletin Board.
    Mary Jo Buchanan
    Co-Community Leader
    NASCAR page