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USC Trojans, UM Wolverines, Army Black Knights, Detroit Lions, Red Wings, Tigers. I also happen to like women's gymnastics-those girls are some kind of tough.
So how did a kid from Michigan become a diehard Trojans fan? When I was a boy, my dad and I would watch the Mich/Ohio State game and it always seemed to be a cold, gray and dreary day. Most of those games were classic battles between Bo and Woody with the Big 10 title on the line. Immediately after the game, they would switch to the USC/UCLA game which would usually determine the PAC 8 championship. In those days the teams wore home jerseys in the game and along with the sheer pagentry of the game itself, it was always bright, sunny and warm there. It seemed like a slice of heaven to a kid looking out his window at the snowy yard. (I suspect the Song Girls probably had as much to do with my choice as anything else...) When my son was twelve, we flew out and attended the 2000 game at the Rose Bowl. It was a fantastic weekend. Fight On and Go Blue!

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