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  • Chris Lane posted 1557 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I just told a writer named "Fitzgerald II" how horrible he was. He wrote an article that I thought was awful, then noticed that I was NOT the only one. This guy actually downtalked his reader. Do you realize how pissed off that made me? I have been trying to write here for over 3 years and this guy downtalks one of his readers? When I posted on his bulletin board to tell him how bad it was to downtalk his readers, I saw a post from you to him telling him to "keep up the good work". This guy is garbage and YOU were 100% correct. I am way too good of a writer to be writing here at B/R. If that guy gets in and I get blown off 4 times, something is definitely wrong.

    I should have known better and listened to you first. I still though, want to write here. How can I not when 80% of the readers HATE Ohio State and the other 20% are Buckeye fans? Haha. I hate the trolls and YOU ARE THE BEST and you were always right. I know that strange way you have of making us all feel good and I love it. If I had that, I'd probably be writing for B/R now.

    I hope all is well with you and yours and you still are my best friend here. I really do hope all is well. Take care, brother.

  • harley spoon posted 1643 days ago

    harley spoon

    Ken...I think I was telling Scotto to leave Brittney alone...But I don't have the conversation before, I you will give me the exact quote< will have a better grasp of what was siad and/or meant...Okay..Thanks..

  • Alex Domin posted 1654 days ago

    Alex Domin

    Go Blue Ken!

    Too bad the end didnt turn out the way we hoped, but it was a great run and an amazing feat for the program

  • Ray Schultz posted 1880 days ago

    Ray Schultz

    Hey Ken, Been a long time since I was on Bleacher Report. Now that Football season is starting I'll be on here more often and looking forward to your comments as usual. Anyway, good luck this Friday to your MSU team. I think they will crush Boise State!!!

    Go Green when they aren't playing my team and Go Blue!!!!

  • Carolyn Todd posted 2020 days ago

    Carolyn Todd

    Hi Ken, thanks for posting on my bulletin board. Sorry that I just saw this tonight. I'm not always following everything on BR these days.

    In any case, I've always enjoyed our trips to Michigan State. I have found the fans to be quite welcoming and friendly to Penn Staters, and the stadium atmosphere to be outstanding, albeit a bit tough to get up to that nosebleed section - 7 ramps! - where they put the away game fans these days. I also think that MSU's campus is one of the prettiest in the Big Ten.

    In any case I guess since now we are in different divisions we won't play one another quite as often. So when we do, it will be more special. I never hide my garb anywhere in the Big Ten, and have never really had a problem. But I understand why you go out of your way at Ohio State to hide the fact that you're from Michigan.

    Best wishes!
    Carolyn Todd

  • Ray Schultz posted 2039 days ago

    Ray Schultz

    Thanks for the message Ken. I think running those types of plays would be great. I think it's good too because it's not likely that there would be injuries to the QB. I think throwing in a play like that each quarter would be great as well. It would keep the defense honest and make passing and running plays easier for us. I think Having Denard throwing to Gardner, and Gardner throwing back to Denard on a screen would almost get a TD every time since Denard is so fast and elusive.

    Michigan looks great on paper. They have a ton of great players. I think they will do great under Coach Hoke and Mattison, however the schedule they play this year is brutal. If they can pull out wins on their road games, (@Nebraska, Alabama in Texas, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Minnesota, and Purdue) then I think they will have a shot at another BCS bowl game and perhaps a chance at going to the Big Ten Championship game. I sure hope you're right about this being Michigan's year.

  • william stephen posted 2044 days ago

    william stephen

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  • thomas fernandus posted 2046 days ago

    thomas fernandus

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  • SHELBY O posted 2056 days ago


    hey Ken,
    I def dont think ur a bad guy, lol...i spent some time looking for that quote but ill def give ur friend a shout and get the tide!!

  • Chris Lane posted 2072 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I thought you might want to check out "The Top 25 Title Odds" story. I think you'll get a kick out of my picks to make the finals.