If it's a sport, Chris Baldwin's covered it. Baldwin has covered four World Series, three NFC Championship Games, two NBA Finals, three Stanley Cup Finals and three U.S. Opens while on staff at publications ranging from the Asbury Park Press (N.J.) to the Lansing State Journal to WorldGolf.com. He spent several years getting paid to travel the globe and write about golf, even though Baldwin's personally one of the worst golfers in the world. Charles Barkley is his only real competition.

Throughout his journeys, Baldwin won six Associated Press Sports Editor awards, including two for column writing (he admits that even his mom does not care about this though). He hopes that you will care that he always writes the truth fearlessly - something he learned early from Michigan Journalism Hall of Famer Gloria Olman, the first and still best mentor he's ever had. Baldwin tries to bring a little humor to an increasingly self-important sports world when he can.

He's still grateful that Bill Parcells saw the humor in him staking out Parcells' Shore house for an exclusive interview when Parcells took over as HC of the NYJ. While Baldwin went to Michigan State, he figures that Nick Saban will make up for his lack of donations to the school.

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