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Watch out other sports boxing is aa hot as ever. Mayweather is a genius. When boxing is shown on all channels in about 10 years. I will say i supported it from the start. Between 2020-2030 i plan on commentating or scoring boxing when it will be shown on nbc, abc, or cbs. My fingers are crossed. Football and basketball better not go into a lcokout in 2011 or else boxing my take the lead. I'm 18 and i love boxing.

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  • Jo-Ryan Salazar posted 2662 days ago

    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    No one-word phrases for comments, please. Thank you.

  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2944 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury

    Its time to finally come clean, Im not a Yankee fan, I only play one on TV and in reality Im a Die Hard Mets fan who is very frustrated with everything surrounding this franchise right now. Then again, its ok cause they're BATTLING every night, right? Wrong and below is my article on the reasons why. Thanks in advance.

  • Sean Crowe posted 2944 days ago

    Sean Crowe

    Nobody on B/R gets paid. But this is a great resource for getting your name out there and eventually landing a paying gig somewhere else.

    There are a number of writers who started on B/R getting paid to write elsewhere, myself included...


  • Anthony Ascue posted 2945 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey once again, just to make sure, I wasn't trying to be hostile or aggressive with you on your comment to MMA: Ko'd boxing. Like you, I just got defensive when someone says something inaccurate about the sport I love. So I hope you don't take my reply in any other way.

  • Kyle posted 2956 days ago


    I saw your question on someone elses' board.

    To answer it, no you don't get paid if your article is on CBSSports or Fox, or anything like that.
    I had an article published on the front page of CBS, and nothing happened. It's more of a pride thing. The reason they do that is because CBS and B/R are affiliates.

  • Griffin Cooper posted 2958 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    That's cool. I became a scribe after I had written 9 articles or so, which took me a little over two weeks. And no, I'm really not sure if anyone gets paid on Bleacher Report - not that I know of, but I know that a lot of good writers here get journalism opportunities.