phil Leone


Watch out other sports boxing is aa hot as ever. Mayweather is a genius. When boxing is shown on all channels in about 10 years. I will say i supported it from the start. Between 2020-2030 i plan on commentating or scoring boxing when it will be shown on nbc, abc, or cbs. My fingers are crossed. Football and basketball better not go into a lcokout in 2011 or else boxing my take the lead. I'm 18 and i love boxing.

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  • Jo-Ryan Salazar posted 2778 days ago

    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    No one-word phrases for comments, please. Thank you.

  • Sean Crowe posted 3060 days ago

    Sean Crowe

    Nobody on B/R gets paid. But this is a great resource for getting your name out there and eventually landing a paying gig somewhere else.

    There are a number of writers who started on B/R getting paid to write elsewhere, myself included...


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3061 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey once again, just to make sure, I wasn't trying to be hostile or aggressive with you on your comment to MMA: Ko'd boxing. Like you, I just got defensive when someone says something inaccurate about the sport I love. So I hope you don't take my reply in any other way.

  • Kyle posted 3072 days ago


    I saw your question on someone elses' board.

    To answer it, no you don't get paid if your article is on CBSSports or Fox, or anything like that.
    I had an article published on the front page of CBS, and nothing happened. It's more of a pride thing. The reason they do that is because CBS and B/R are affiliates.

  • Griffin Cooper posted 3074 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    That's cool. I became a scribe after I had written 9 articles or so, which took me a little over two weeks. And no, I'm really not sure if anyone gets paid on Bleacher Report - not that I know of, but I know that a lot of good writers here get journalism opportunities.