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  • Dale De Souza posted 1102 days ago

    Dale De Souza

    Yo Gerald, whenever you got a sec, I value your take on this:

  • David Kim posted 1214 days ago

    David Kim

    did you enjoy the gsp fight you old faggoty fart

  • jason hughes posted 1606 days ago

    jason hughes

    just get it over geraldine and admit your love for georges, it's okay dude, this is 1998, we are all cool to that kind of stuff, even president nixon wouldnt be ashamed of you, come out, COME HUGEbette midler style, with a stun gun in each hand and a pet iguana with bright pink lipstick, named gspiguana, ooooooooolatin, very sexy, you are quite the ladyliller, dont hate so much mr big muscles from i dont know, work some of that voodoo and make me a grilled cheese queso ,latin style big fighter man who puts everyone down who isnt georges poster kisser, i tell people back home that i you are enimies and they will laugh and maybe drink some vodka, or a local staple called red stripe with some gerry on the side, but first you must get tatoo of georges across your entire pectoral mucles then we talk later mr gsp lover no it all of all things gspedian

  • JW Nix posted 1710 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this :

  • Keith Schlosser posted 1756 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    It's time to prepare the throne, the King has arrived in New York! Lebron James is set to make his only appearance this season at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks. Take a look.

  • Aaron Navarro posted 1761 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    hey man

    please read my latest article,
    nba players your left the game early.

    comments are welcome as always

    thank you very much

  • Aaron Navarro posted 1766 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    hey Gerald

    mind checking out my latest article on the Dallas Mavericks
    check-up season again!