Clifford  Davidson Jr.

Clifford Davidson Jr.


Clifford Lee davidson Jr., known as Captain Saricasm to those who know him well has been watching NASCAR since 1999 when he and his dad watch Jeff Gordon win the Daytona 500. Since 2000 he has watch at least 25 races every season.

Davidson hopes to write for NASCAR.Com someday, currentlyly a Corporal in the United States Marines.

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  • Clifford Davidson Jr. posted 3083 days ago

    Clifford  Davidson Jr.

    I'm returning after a couple of weeks writing for the Stockton Record....The winner's circle will return in a big way Today........Power rankings will be tommorrow and My preivew on Somona will be friday.

  • Dann Khan posted 3086 days ago

    Dann Khan

    Hey mate.
    Did my first slide show today. It is supposed to be humor. Tell me if you like it

  • Clifford Davidson Jr. posted 3100 days ago

    Clifford  Davidson Jr.

    Some note about up coming articles

    My previews will come out every Friday or Saturday

    The Winner's Circle will be every Monday

    Two new features will be coming short

    The Power 15- A ranking of the top 15 drivers will be out next week

    GREEN WHITE CHECKERS- the tope issues of the sport dicuss anlong wioth a driver spot light segement

  • Blaine Spence posted 3105 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    NASCAR community:
    It is not too late to make a difference!
    You can help. Please give a read and "pay this forward" Some things are bigger than sports.

  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3106 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    Glad to have you with us on the NASCAR page Clifford! And thank you for serving our country, especially this Memorial Day. We are happy to see your writing and commenting and hope you really get into the world of Bleacher Reporting. Anything I can do to help, just post me a note!
    Mary Jo Buchanan
    Co-Community Leader
    Nascar page