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  • MMA Nerd4Life posted 1824 days ago

    MMA Nerd4Life

    Hey. How's it going? I know it sounds ironic that I am messaging you but when it all comes down to it: We are both sports fans with a rightful bias to whom we like or dislike. I actually go on this site for fun and to share my opinions and knowledge and after briefly looking over some of the "arguments" that we had back-and-forth, I have to admit that I am very impressed with your fact-based knowledge and also your obvious intelligence and ability. I look forward to debating with you again, but of course on a friendly basis and with no ill intent. I also say weird stuff on there just to irritate some of the true haters of certain fighters/athletes. I am definitely a Silva fan, but I am not him and can't/won't take anything personal that someone says about him because their opinion or comment won't change my likes/dislikes about a person unless that person/athlete does something that shocks the moral conscience.