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Let's see... I've spent 14 years in journalism, 10 with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where I eventually became the national college football writer/columnist.
As far as sports goes, I'll just say this: I'm passionate about LSU (proud alum) and SEC football (the best college football in the country), I grew up a fight fan (recently, my favorite boxers have been 1. Gatti, 2. Barrera and 3. Manny) and cheered for the Yankees back when they were atrocious in the mid 80s. I'm fascinated by excellence, which partially explains why I loved watching Jordan dominate with the Bulls and Tiger steamroll his competition.
I've always loved sports, but at the same time, it doesn't occupy my life 24-7. I love to exercise, read, spend time with friends, cook, listen to podcasts and jump at the chance to go home and see my nephew.

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  • Marsha Grider Thompson posted 1161 days ago

    Marsha Grider Thompson

    Ha! I googled my son's name and found you. I thought it was ironic since he plays high school football and one of the schools he is interested in is LSU. Hope they are interested in him too! :)

  • jennifer teamah posted 1479 days ago

    jennifer teamah


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  • Dee guerrero posted 1585 days ago

    Dee guerrero

    Local Wise County Athlete and D-2 National Special Teams Player of the Year GARRETT TIDWELL (Angleo State) is small, quick and elusive---Elite Combine 40 times 4:44 and 4:40 for Toronto. He playes much bigger and stonger than his size. He was the most explosive player we have ever seen at Angelo. We want to see more of him. Any thoughts?

  • dave kolby posted 1588 days ago

    dave kolby

    That "incident" in Cleveland....don't give in to irresponsible reporting, sir. The kid wasn't "tackled" Some drunk clown stumbled into the kid and knocked him down accidentally...hardly a "tackle" plus, the kid was fine...not "left crying." The drunk got was he deserved for being so friggin drunk and actually hurt himself and didn't get up for a while. Most cleveland fans responded to this story saying they woulda kicked the guys ass for hurting a kid! even a browns fan wouldn't get away with some garbage like that at Browns Stadium. The people of northeast ohio, including browns fans, are some of the most down to earth people you can come across. Just please get your facts straight before piling on the cleveland bashing train!

  • John Rozum posted 1595 days ago

    John Rozum

    Just wanna say thanks or mentioning my article about the Ohio State Buckeyes in one of your articles. Thanks for the exposure bro!

  • Nick Krauskopf posted 1603 days ago

    Nick Krauskopf

    You forgot about Rod Marinelli when the Lions went 0-16

  • Nick Krauskopf posted 1604 days ago

    Nick Krauskopf

    Good article on the trade rumors, but on the Nick Barnett slide, you said at the end of the article that Bishop missed the majority of the season. You mean Barnett. Good article though.

  • Mack Dreyfuss posted 1613 days ago

    Mack Dreyfuss

    hardcore runners head to antarctica for a marathon

  • Mack Dreyfuss posted 1613 days ago

    Mack Dreyfuss

    hardcore runners head to antarctica for a marathon

  • Marcus Davis posted 1621 days ago

    Marcus Davis

    you are a fucking moron and a joke of a journalist