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  • Reggie Lopez posted 1281 days ago

    Reggie Lopez

    Totally agree with you on the chemistry between Sanchez and Tebow. Once again the media undermines Sanchez's leadership qualities. He was always a great leader who was more times overlooked because of his on field struggles. They will make each other stronger leaders in the Jets locker room, that is if they haven't already.

    This is preseason after all, and mistakes are expected to be made. The Jets obviously couldn't produce tonight based on a number of factors: their starting quarterback, Sanchez, played for only one quarter. The majority of the starters only played for one quarter. Tebow was thrown with the second and third team to fend for himself, and he did so admirably. The better part about this game was that the Bengals lost four of their starters, most notably Rey Maualuga and Carlos Dunlap, to injuries. All while Marvin Lewis asked for a Wildcat-free game.

    I'm not worried at all about the Jets. They're doing a lot better than I expected them to initially do.

  • Chris Gunz posted 1285 days ago

    Chris Gunz

    yea thanks bro ima diehard knick fan and aspiring coach/scout i kno wat we need and wat we struggle in..yea everything that i stated basically was pretty thorough...the thing you mentioned about JR and melo coexisting comes down to the point guard thing again...they are friends off the court so there not gonna scum each other for offense and they have played with each other long enough in denver and new york to kno there roles...

    on paper i like brooklyn they made some strong moves bringing in cj watson reggie evans and mo evans re signing humphries and drafting tyshawn taylor and keeping marshon brooks...machado woulda been our taylor but we didnt do that i have no idea why...so i like those moves better than the joe johnson and brook lopez moves...joe johnson is a good player but hes also kinda like melo he plays iso ball but having d-will would help him jus spot up but my question is can he hit them if hes spotting up...melo is a born scorer and is very proven to score in every way possible from 3 from the post spotting up from transition and from the free throw line...can joe johnson score spotting up?? we will see...i like there starting 5 but to me they dont have any depth in the big man department..lopez isnt a good rebounder or post defender so what happens when he gets in foul trouble...with stat chandler camby we will exploit that...i feel that we have more depth better offense and better defense than they do...they made good moves but not enough...

    in terms of boston i have them also better than brooklyn they replaced allen with courtney lee and terry so they imrpoved on defense and got 2 shooters as opposed to 1 and also bringing bak jeff green after not having him last year and on top of that they picked up good rookies such as sullinger and fab melo good post players where they struggled at...i think we will finish just in front of boston though because of garnett's durability as he gets older...i think garnett will start to fade this year even if rondo improves...thats why i have the knicks at 2 behind miami boston at 3 pacers at 4 orlando at 5 if they keep howard brooklyn at 6 milwaukee at 7 and philly at 8

  • Chris Gunz posted 1286 days ago

    Chris Gunz

    yea i feel that he already has but its under appreciated by the media and unloyal fans...the way hes playing in the olympics is the same way he would play if he had playmakers/pure point guards finding him..we havnt had that for him in new york yet...lin kinda did it but they werent together long enough to see...people say melo is mostly a iso player...yea because there is no true point guard...last year he had to carry the ball up the court and take the shots hes not a point guard or facilitator hes a pure scorer...they dont say hes a good spot up shooter because they dont kno there facts because too many follow the media...all he did was spot up and shoot against nigeria in that game they broke records and he had 37 points 10-12 from 3....but they dont write about that because its boring praising him...in terms of him assisting hes not a point guard hes a scorer felton/kidd/prigioni are excellent at finding open players way better than lin is because there more experienced...melo and amare can work together as long as amare has a point guard who can get him the ball where he likes it...like i said again before lin we didnt have that...a pure point guard will also make melo look like olympic melo and have amare playing 2010 mvp amare and will also find tyson and our open sharp shooters like JR novak shumpert even kidd can spread the court hes second in career 3 pointers made..with this roster i see us as high as number 2 in the east with 50+ wins and having battles against miami with our much improved defense...our defense was number 11 last year and we added even more this year with camby backing up chandler brewer backing up shumpert and melo..shumpert himself and thomas as a 12th man is terrific for his toughness...the final piece is a power forward to back up amare and no other than kenyon martin is perfect as he has been one of the best post tough defenders the league has had...this is the best knicks team i have seen since the mid 90s...