David 'MITB' Jamieson

David 'MITB' Jamieson


My four main loves in life are boxing, football, MMA and pro-wrestling.

I've been a fan of wrestling since 1989 when Hulkamania took me in it's grip and refused to let go.

I've only been into MMA since early 2007 but I've made a point of going back and watching a lot of old fights and I'm not just a UFC fan, I also follow what else is going on in the world of MMA.

I've loved football since I was old enough to kick a ball and Liverpool FC are my first, and only, love!!

I was raised watching boxing from Frank Bruno and Mike Tyson, via Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank, to Pacman and Money Mayweather. Love the sport at all weight classes, with my current favourite fighters being Carl Froch, Amir Khan and James Degale. All time fave is Mike Tyson.

I plan to write about all these things and b/r seems a great place to get opinions over. I enjoy writing up an article and seeing what people have to say on the matter.

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  • Brian Oswald posted 2836 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Are you still following MMA?

  • Bleacher Report posted 3029 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Q: Why does Fedor Emelianko fear the UFC?

    A: Because he is a Sissy!


    Check it out.

  • Kr.Abhimanyu VINAY RAJPUT posted 3046 days ago

    Kr.Abhimanyu  VINAY RAJPUT

    Hey David,

    What's up mate?

    New season, any predictions?


  • Farooq Ahmed posted 3051 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    Was Fedor's Contract With Strikeforce Helped By EA Sports?


  • Flying Knee posted 3055 days ago

    Flying Knee

    The impact of Fedor's deal with Strikeforce


  • Owen Watson posted 3059 days ago

    Owen Watson


  • Keith Griffin posted 3063 days ago

    Keith Griffin


    Its been a stranger transfer window for Manchester United so far, could get stranger.


    Have a read and comment if you like.

    Thanks as always,


  • Brian Rhodes posted 3072 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Who the heck is AVR?

    Sorry to sound dim MITB but you lost me with that.

  • Flying Knee posted 3072 days ago

    Flying Knee

    DREAM.10 Predictions at


  • Brian Oswald posted 3072 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Congrats on your second MMA article. Sorry I missed it when it first came out. Keep up the good work man and let me know if there is anything you ever need.