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  • Rafa - The Faker posted 1849 days ago

    Rafa - The Faker

    These people have no shame. They just make the whole reading experience sour for everyone. And yes, i do believe that Ruffin is operating with atleast 3-4 ids - bleacher report, ian mulcahy, john doe & steve c.

  • Rafa - The Faker posted 1856 days ago

    Rafa - The Faker

    ' Default-user-icon-comment Steve C posted 30 minutes ago Contributor I

    @Peter: "I'm more than content with Federers place in history" - - n i have seen u reiterate that at Rafa's expense...i have seen that in a few of your recent posts...indeed it came as a surprise for me as i always thought of u being of the more balanced types, an advocate of tennis, not in general of any player...but its ur personal take and as long as it does not demean rafa's achievements in any way, i m happy :)'

    Bell Melley's article

    Here he is claiming to know you as more balanced types but I find it very hard to believe because never seen comments from 'Steve C' username except for the last 7 days or so. The only possible way of him knowing about you is that he must be a user but with a different name. I think you may just get the idea what I am talking about. I commented on that very article asking him this but removed it in a few seconds as I did not want to start the 'fight' all over again.

    Can you please ask him the same i.e. how did he know about your balanced takes?
    If you don't want to, I can understand.