Dave Harlequin

Dave Harlequin


Editor in Chief: Stiff Magazine (www.stiffmag.com)
Programming Coordinator: MonsterCon, LLC (www.monstercon.org)
Freelance Journalist for PWTorch, CinemaSlasher, Independent Tribune, FrightMeter, and more.

I travel around the US & work a lot of conventions, film festivals, etc.
I've seen some places, done some things, you get the idea...
I write about other people, other places, other things... not so much myself...

Wanna know anything else about me? Just ask. How's that? =)

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  • Fan's Opinion posted 1965 days ago

    Fan's Opinion

    I saw you wrote you are chanting "Boring" to Cena.
    I've been on quest recently to make people understand they need to switch "Cena Sucks" chants to "Boring" (See me lengthy comments about it in http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1265493-john-cena-money-in-the-bank-raw-1000-and-latest-wwe-news-from-ring-rust-radio for example)

    Since you say you are in live crowds, trying to chant "Boring" - Maybe you can help me understand, because I'm trying to compare this to "Cena Sucks" chants (which ARE heard but I want to see replaced with "Boring"):
    Are you not heard because too many people prefer to chant "Cena Sucks"?
    If so - do you think you know WHY they prefer it? do they even feel like you or are they just enjoying themselves booing Cena (as if he was an effective heel)?