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Hello everybody,My name is Vince,I am here to talk about Baseball,Football.&.Wrestling and to chat with knowledgeable fans,That loves sports just as much as i do,I am huge WWE Fan since the late 80's,My favorite eras were the Atitude and Ruthless Aggressions Eras,Those Eras were awesome,My favorite past and present WWE Superstars and Divas:The Rock,SCSA,Bret-The Hitman-Hart,The Undertaker,Edge,CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,Big E,Dean Ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,Trish Stratus,Lita,Beth Phoenix,Layla,Michelle McCool,Melina,AJ Lee,Paige,NXT Diva:Bayley and Charlotte,Favorite TNA Knockouts:Gail Kim and Taryn,I am also a die hard Yankee and Cardinals Fan Since 1990.&.2003,My Favorite Past.&.Present Yankee Players:The Core 5:(Jeter,Pettitte,Posada,Rivera and Williams),Dellin Betances,Brett Gardner,John Ryan Murphy,Jose Pirela and Masahiro Tanaka,My Favorite Cardinals Players:Adam Wainwright,Lance Lynn,Yadier Molina and Peter Bourjos,New York Giants Fan Since 2006,Casual Basketball Fan,I am also a big fan of the following Music Genres:Old Hip Hop,R.&.B,Neo-Soul,Country,Old Skool R.&.B and Classic Rock.

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  • Yo Vince! Sup! Lol thanks:D

    Hmmmm....not much different from others. The triple threat was AMAZING!! Seth has stamped his arrival in the big league after that match. Cant say the same about Mr. Reigns though. The guy isnt even half ready and the people know it. Still they try to shove him in the mainevent of WM way ahead of his time. Hell I would've been happier if even Rusev won. Thrash ending imo.


  • LeeXD posted 1 day ago


    LOL Reigns won, that was unbelievably funny :') Yeah I really wished they never broke up :(

  • LeeXD posted 4 days ago


    I want Daniel Bryan to win but I think it will be Roman Reigns, I want Dean to go back to feuding with Seth because I feel like that feud was unfinished but Seth's been doing really well lately. That guy looks like he belongs in the main event XD

  • bruce wayne posted 4 days ago

    bruce wayne


  • LeeXD posted 5 days ago


    Yeah The Avengers was pretty epic XD My favourite is the Dark Knight :P I could watch that movie over and over again and not get bored by it. Who do you think will win the RR? XD Yeah I'm excited to see who will win, I love RR matches. Nah, RAW sounded awful so I didn't watch it, did you? Thank you :D

  • LeeXD posted 6 days ago


    Sorry for the very late reply XD I'm doing good, how are you? LOL Iron Man is so arrogant, I love it :D What's your favourite Superhero movie? Are you ready for the RR? XD

  • I am a Paige Guy posted 7 days ago

    I am a Paige Guy

    I'm fine. You?

  • Bobbi posted 8 days ago


    You know: Martin Luther King's Birthday - National Holiday!!!

  • Bobbi posted 8 days ago


    Still enjoying it - Big three day week-end!

  • Atleast Danie Bryan is back in action.