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Scorched Earth


Hello everybody,My name is Vince,I am here to talk about Baseball,Football.&.Wrestling and to chat with knowledgeable fans,That loves sports just as much as i do,I am huge WWE Fan since the late 80's,My favorite eras were the Atitude and Ruthless Aggressions Eras,Those Eras were awesome,My favorite past and present WWE Superstars and Divas:The Rock,SCSA,Bret-The Hitman-Hart,The Undertaker,Edge,CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,Dean Ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,Neville,The Lucha Dragons,Tyson Kidd.&.Cesaro,Trish Stratus,Lita,Beth Phoenix,Layla,Michelle McCool,Melina,AJ Lee,Natalya,Lana,NXT Divas:Bayley,Becky Lynch,Charlotte and Sasha Banks,Favorite TNA Knockouts:Gail Kim and Taryn,I am also a die hard Yankee and Cardinals Fan Since 1990.&.2003,My Favorite Past.&.Present Yankee Players:The Core 5:(Jeter,Pettitte,Posada,Rivera and Williams),Dellin Betances,Brett Gardner,John Ryan Murphy,Jose Pirela and Masahiro Tanaka,My Favorite Cardinals Players:Adam Wainwright,Lance Lynn,Yadier Molina and Peter Bourjos,New York Giants Fan Since 2006,Casual Basketball Fan,I am also a big fan of the following Music Genres:Old Hip Hop,R.&.B,Neo-Soul,Country,Old Skool R.&.B and Classic Rock.

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  • Red Devil Woman posted 2 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Okay and yourself? Excited for FL?

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 2 days ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    Nope, I'm a huge fan TBH, but he deserves to headline an event. Sting deserves to headline and he is doing it this year, but DB is an all-time great too and deserves to himself, so mare next year, as they would be rushing him.
    Watch this clip if you feel like it, but viewer discretion is advised. From the 2:00, DB had a seizure during a match against Sheamus.

  • Patrick B posted 2 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey buddy, Raw felt a bit filler to be honest. They didn't massively screw up the rumble so they don't need to alter their Mania plans, thus, it seems they are stalling until it is the run-up for Mania to pull the trigger on those feuds. Dudley's turning heel is a good move, Bubba in particular is too good to be just a nostalgia act. And I liked the women's segments. Charlotte is really growing as a performer overtime I see her, and the Sasha, Becky, Tamina and Naomi segment was really well booked. Leans and Ambrose is a feud I didn't think I wanted, but after last night it could be a really cool Mania match.

    As for Bryan's segment, I just wrote a long comment on Aussie's page which I copied below. Let me know what you thought of it all?

    I think it was one of the best segments on Raw in years. A lot of mixed feelings about it; sad to see he’ll never wrestle again, but then he’s done more with his career than most people will ever achieve. The sheer volume of awesome moments to revisit is ten times most guys. He reached the pinnacle of a wrestling career at Wrestlemania 30, and got the retirement he deserved, which only a very small handful of guys get to have, i.e. Edge and Ric. There’s relief also as I think I’d be a bit on edge watching him perform if he had come back, multiple concussions are no joke, and I wouldn’t want Bryan having the same issues Bret has had later in life. He can now ride off into the sunset and have babies and start a new life. A happy ending, which sadly in wrestling can be a rare thing.

    The Uproxx guy, who does my favourite Raw write-ups every week, did a lovely send-off piece for Bryan. Worth a read.

    I think his influence has been huge. If Punk and Bryan didn’t get over the way they did, I can’t imagine half the guys in NXT that came from the indies would be signed. It really changed mindsets, I mean, you look at OVW before NXT and the types of guys like Cena, Shelton, Brock, Batista, Orton that they were pushing, and then look at NXT. Completely different wrestling landscape and skillsets and looks. Guys like Owens and Sami probably wouldn’t have gotten their shots. Even the women as well, I can’t imagine Becky, Bayley or Sasha would have gotten signed before the indie talent started showing they could draw and engage main roster audiences. Just a phenomenal performer all round, his indie work is some of the best technical wrestling ever, and his WWE career was tremendous amount of fun.

    Here's one of my favourite indie promos, Bryan cracking up the whole time. Good to see him in happier times.

    I think however there is a big elephant in the room. Ten, even five, years ago Bryan would have been cleared and wrestling. This new test he did changed his mindset and made him decide to retire, but you have to wonder how many other guys on the roster would pass a test like that. Bubba Ray and Tommy Dreamer absolutely would not have but they both wrestled this year, and I'm sure there are plenty more who have had concussions through the years. There could be a big sea change with more guys retiring early because of this.

    But maybe that's a discussion for another day. Bryan couldn't have had a better send-off, the crowd were great and his speech was magic.

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 2 days ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    Oh, thanks for the clarification, do yo feel DB should be in this year's annual HOF.

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 2 days ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    Wait, do you mean Dave's comment or comments in general.

  • Doctor Cube posted 2 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey man, honestly I didn't watch Raw this week, I just fast forwarded to see Bryan's retirement speech. I've noticed that there was a very original Owens vs Ziggler match, and Ambrose getting destroyed by Lesnar.

    Bryan' speech was fantastic, moving but not sad, with as much laughter as touching moments, I resisted at first but ended up shedding my fair share of tears. I'm still having a hard time believing his career is over.

    What did you think about it?

  • New Day GOAT posted 2 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    There are a lot of tag teams but their booking is so so bad that it is stale. Please no more Usos! Also Kalisto vs Del Rio is getting boring. IC title is not even be defending at all. It is like these secondary titles don't matter at all.

    Do you think it is unfair that Creative is trying to make Kalisto into Rey Mysterio?

  • Curb Stomp posted 2 days ago

    Curb Stomp

    Great Raw last night and very emotional speech by Daniel Bryan. The guy spoke from his heart and made me real sad. Will miss him big time. I hope he gets a role of commissioner sometime in the future after the Authority breaks. Also as a trainer to all those wrestlers on NXT. he will be a great help to all of them.
    Rest of the show was great too. Ambrose was great!
    How about you? What are your thoughts on all this?

  • New Day GOAT posted 2 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    There have been talks of Goldberg and Batista maybe appearing. I would love for Carlito or Shelton Benjamin to return to the company. This roster is piling up with injuries that they need back up.

    Do you think Harper and Rowan should challenge for the tag team title?

  • New Day GOAT posted 2 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Great list! Trish vs Lita back in the days was good to watch. Women's division chamged for the better because of them.

    What past wrestler would you like to see make an appearance at WM 32?