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Scorched Earth


Hello everybody,My name is Vince,I am here to talk about Baseball,Football.&.Wrestling and to chat with knowledgeable fans,That loves sports just as much as i do,I am huge WWE Fan since the late 80's,My favorite eras were the Atitude and Ruthless Aggressions Eras,Those Eras were awesome,My favorite past and present WWE Superstars and Divas:The Rock,SCSA,Bret-The Hitman-Hart,The Undertaker,Edge,CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,Dean Ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,Neville,The Lucha Dragons,Tyson Kidd.&.Cesaro,Trish Stratus,Lita,Beth Phoenix,Layla,Michelle McCool,Melina,AJ Lee,Natalya,Lana,NXT Divas:Bayley,Becky Lynch,Charlotte and Sasha Banks,Favorite TNA Knockouts:Gail Kim and Taryn,I am also a die hard Yankee and Cardinals Fan Since 1990.&.2003,My Favorite Past.&.Present Yankee Players:The Core 5:(Jeter,Pettitte,Posada,Rivera and Williams),Dellin Betances,Brett Gardner,John Ryan Murphy,Jose Pirela and Masahiro Tanaka,My Favorite Cardinals Players:Adam Wainwright,Lance Lynn,Yadier Molina and Peter Bourjos,New York Giants Fan Since 2006,Casual Basketball Fan,I am also a big fan of the following Music Genres:Old Hip Hop,R.&.B,Neo-Soul,Country,Old Skool R.&.B and Classic Rock.

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  • The Architect posted 8 hours ago

    The Architect

    Hey man, I thought Raw was pretty much like Survivor Series, poor and underwhelming. They continued the unconvincing 50/50 booking with Tyler Breeze and the Wyatts. Roman destroying everyone and standing tall felt really stupid, if they continue making him look like Cena 2.0, the fan backlash will get even bigger. The New Day were the only part of the show that was really fun. As for the women, Becky vs Sasha was short and rushed which is very disappointing, Paige and Charlotte was very good though.

    What do you think?

  • Doctor Cube posted 12 hours ago

    Doctor Cube

    I'm not going to be original there, I thought Raw was pretty terrible. Much like Survivor Series, in itself it wasn't necessarily a bad show, but everything felt rehashed, predictable and quite frankly boring. I really can't go through another heel champion taking a back seat to Triple H storyline, it worked for me before because I love Orton, Bryan, Ambrose and Rollins, but I have no interest in both Sheamus and Reigns, nor in the fact that we've seen this storyline for what seems like the millionth time.

    I have way more interest in Barrett and Rusev, but they seem like they've taken on the role of Kane and J&J security in what again will feel like the same storyline than Rollins. I would have been way more interested in a Euro heel stable with a dominant heel champion.

    I was outraged to see four of the best midcarders, including the IC champ getting the jobber entrance, especially when having to go through a stupid JBL/Torito commercial, but WWE doesn't care about their midcarders. Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch shouldn't have happened for no reason, I know they're going to build on this, but those two being in the ring together should be regarded as something special and not something to fill five minutes.

    The only thing redeeming this show for me was Paige/Charlotte, I don't get why the crowds are so silent for them, I really like those two together in a ring.

    What did you think about it.

  • Curb Stomp posted 21 hours ago

    Curb Stomp

    Exactly. The end was a poor man's version of Summerslam 2013. And atleast that was exciting. This was not.

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    Wrote a little review.

    Poor show, or maybe just predictable. Crowd completely died half way through and don't really blame them. Every match was so poorly built beforehand it doesn't exactly create anticipation.

    Pre-show. Neville being jobbed out (even after two finishers) was plain dumb. He was the only one the crowd cared about in the match so should have been booked strong. No idea what they’re doing with him. This is the type of guy who could shift tonnes of merch but he’s being wasted, and no good reason why either. Tyler Breeze and Summer interview was brilliant though. So many quotable lines, and pleasantly surprised how well they work together.

    Del Rio/Reigns – Match of the night for me. Del Rio looked engaged and put in a shift, and Reigns seemed amped for another Cesaro style slugfest. The amount of near-falls got a bit silly, but not too over-the-top.

    Owens/Ambrose lacked spark for me. Some good bits towards the end but just didn’t ignite. Think Owens going over would have been the better option, especially with Ambrose/Reigns feeling rushed at the end.

    Traditional Survivor Series match. New Day/ Barrett tomfoolery was very entertaining but not so much the match. Crowd died once New Day left, and they didn’t really recover the rest of the night. As a good lead-in for a guy about to be your champ, this was dreadful, Sheamus looked very second-rate. Xavier’s hair however was awful and perfection in equal measure. I hope it stays.

    Charlotte/Paige. I’ll probably rewatch this as opinions are very divided from what I’ve read but personally I thought this was a really strong, hard-hitting match. People complaining that this wasn’t some sort of no DQ slugfest brawl are barking up the wrong tree, WWE would never allow it with the women. A strong wrestling match with some big spots on the outside is probably as extreme as its going to get and within those parameters this was done very well. The crowd was very quiet, but think the girls were unlucky as it felt like the turning point with the crowd getting restless. They probably would have received a better reception if it’d gone earlier on the card, and I think that lack of crowd engagement turned some people’s minds against it (but as a long suffering fan of the women’s division I’m pretty used to crowds crapping on the divas so was able to zone it out and just watch). I’d personally say with this exact match played out at Full Sail, people would have been raving about it. Charlotte’s best work on the main roster, and just behind Del Rio/Roman as my match of the night.

    Tyler/Ziggler was a very good PPV debut. Tyler looked aggressive and hit hard, showing off his wrestling skills properly too which amazingly the commentators even talked up. Tyler should be fine on the main roster, Fandango never wrestled this well, and if you’re on twitter or Instagram you’ll recognise thousands of self-obsessed selfie takers on there so his gimmick is actually pretty modern.

    Taker/Kane vs Wyatts happened. Have no opinion really. Felt like a house show match and yet further damage to Bray as a character. I’m not too sure if he’s beyond saving at this point but he’s getting there.

    Reigns/Ambrose. WWE just booked themselves out of a money feud. Reigns clean in a short match does not build anticipation for any future match. And Ambrose just disappearing after the match allowing the cash-in made little sense too. Reigns will have the title by or on the Royal Rumble so no big swerve in my opinion, just a delay.

    As WWE have done too much recently, the swerve is that there is no swerve. Vince staying the course for Roman, but he got the worst reaction you can get when winning the title; indifference. The crowd didn't boo or cheer, they just didn't care. Feels like Lex Luger all over again. Pushed him hard, audiences didn't want him but wanted Bret as the top guy. I'd be fascinated to see his merch sales, because if they're average then pushing Roman to the moon makes literally zero sense at this stage.

    What did you think?

  • The Architect posted 1 day ago

    The Architect

    Hey man, what's up? I thought the show was really weak and felt very underwhelming. The dead crowd didn't help either.

    Neville being the only one eliminated is just plain stupid, the guy was the longest reigning NXT champion this time last year, now look what they've done to him. In the other traditional match, The New Day's promo was the only good thing about it, the rest was pretty boring and unmemorable (except for Xavier's hair).

    Charlotte vs Paige was good, but I felt like it lacked something. Although it was hard hitting at some points, the pace wasn't fast enough and the crowd was sitting on their hands the whole time. It would've probably felt better if the crowd reacted at least a little bit.

    Tyler Breeze going over Ziggler was probably the only good decision they made. The pairing of Breeze and Summer Rae is starting to look fun, I guess we should expect the creative to ruin it at any moment.

    The Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatts was a disaster, they ignored the fact that they announced as Bray and Strowman and made it with Luke Harper instead, and on top of all that the match felt boring and pointless as well. If Wyatt want over it would've at least done something good, but it was a massive waste of time.

    Reigns vs Del Rio was match of the night, although nothing was that special. Ambrose vs Owens was good but should've been better considering the talent of both competitors. The final was a disaster as well, Reigns vs Ambrose should have a bigger feel to it but it felt like the most underwhelming contest of the night, and to put the cherry on top of this boring cake, they decide to make Sheamus cash in. WWE made the worst case scenario happen twice in one night.

    It was the second worst show of the year (only behind Fastlane), it had a ridiculous amount of wasted opportunities.

  • Doctor Cube posted 2 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey man, I kind of have mixed feelings about Survivor Series. The PPV in itself wasn't bad, the matches where good but the entire thing was way too predictable. I couldn't watch it until the end but from what I've read I didn't miss much, especially since I was convinced Sheamus was going to cash in. The first two matches were pretty good but apart from that there was nothing really special. Nothing was really bad, but nothing was good enough to make up for the predictability and the fact that only Reigns, Paige and Charlotte had a storyline going.

    What did you thin about it?

  • Down Under posted 2 days ago

    Down Under

    hey man, i enjoyed most of the matches but it was very very predictable. even the cash in... i don't know, i feel the wwe could have taken a risk and thrown us a swerve but they just went down the safe road.. and now we have reigns vs sheamus which doesn't exactly entice me. a reigns heel turn with ambrose as the main babyface would have been great but oh well. what about you?

  • Curb Stomp posted 2 days ago

    Curb Stomp

    Hey Vince, thoughts on Survivor Series?

  • Patrick B posted 3 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey bud, here's my predictions for Survivor Series:

    I thought it'd be Roman vs Dean in the final, but then that would be a match you'd promote and could potentially be a money feud so I'm going Owens vs Roman. Roman winning with no drama. It's close to Mania season so building a strong champ for it makes sense.

    I'd go Charlotte, has to be, but then sometimes when WWE cross the line, they do absurdly dumb things like Booker vs Triple H. Charlotte going into a Sasha feud or something after would be great. This Paige feud might have more legs though so maybe a triple threat at TLC. Just hope not with Nikki involved. Even though it bad she's injured, the division has been a whole lot better without her. Paige is ten times the heel she is, in fact I'd argue she's the best heel in their current roster, who isn't injured.

    The Brother of Destruction will win, even though they should lose. I think this is WWE's way of getting Taker's heat back after losing to Brock to set him up for Mania. But Bray is losing way way too much.

    Dolph should not win, unless the feud continues but even then Tyler should win. I saw them at WWE live in London two weeks ago, it was a very good match. They have good chemistry, so hopefully given time.

    Cash-in potential? I'm saying no. If Roman wins, Vince will want bells and whistles on the celebration for video packages etc. A part of me wants a lot of boos just for jokes. I like Roman, I just don't want Cena booking the next ten years again. No one ever in the industry has been over enough in my opinion to justify a push as big as Cena got. It shouldn't have happened, and it shouldn't be repeated.

  • Doctor Cube posted 4 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey man, what's up? Here are my Survivor Series predictions:

    5 on 5 elimination tag: I don't know who is in it so I don't really know who's momentum should be kept up, and since it's been so half assed, I'm thinking victory for the babyfaces. I just hope the guy getting the final pin will be an actually popular babyface like Cesaro or Neville, instead of someone like Ryback.

    Reigns vs Del Rio: Reigns, no surprises there.

    Ambrose vs Owens: I'd love Owens but I'm thinking more Ambrose on this one, I'm not sure WWE trusts Owens enough to put him in the main event. I'd like to see Owens injure Ambrose, maybe in a post match attack, making Ambrose not a 100% for the finals.

    Ziggler vs Breeze: Prince Prettty wins this one, let's hope it's clean and not because Summer Rae remembered she has shoes to throw.

    Charlotte vs Paige: Charlotte retains in the most fantastic MR women's match in years to make up for the dead brother controversy.

    BOD vs Wyatts: I really want Bray to win this match, but if this feud is going to continue through Mania, I want Bray to win there, so I'm thinking BOD wins when the other WYatt family members interfere, leading to Taker seeking revenge on Bray (maybe costing him the Rumble) in a WM match which Bray wins.

    Ambrose vs Reigns: I want Ambrose to be mildly injured in that match because I want Reigns to have a spot where he'll have the chance to take advantage of his injury to win the match, but won't, teasing a heel turn but not effectively turning. Also, I'd like Ambrose to have a performance that will be all about guts, which I think would be a great story for him to win the WWE title, because yes, I'm betting on Ambrose winning the whole tourney. Quite irrelevantly might I add, because Sheamus will cash in on the poor guy right after.

    So basically, besides Reigns/Ambrose in the finals and Charlotte retaining we disagree on everything, which is a good thing, I remember everyone perfectly predicting the card for HIAC, at least SS seems less predictable.