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Dave is a recent college graduate and has been a featured columnist for the Wisconsin Badgers since 2012. Two of his greatest passions are writing and sports, so he combined the two and is now trying to make a career out of it. Dave graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis in writing and editing from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He's lived in Wisconsin his entire life and loves rooting on the Brewers, Packers, Badgers, Golden Eagles and Bucks.

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  • Michelle Bruton posted 1565 days ago

    Michelle Bruton

    Love your stuff on the Badgers, Dave! I watch every game at work on Saturdays and was working at Big Ten the night of the ASU debacle, which kept me there til 2:30am! This team has so much talent that they could lose after this year (Abbrederis, Borland) and every game I hope they'll finally start a spree of getting clutch...

  • Peter Raisch posted 1686 days ago

    Peter Raisch

    Dave, as a fellow Badger writer, I want to say how much I admire your pipeline of stories in the lean months. That's dedication. Keep it up.

  • Steve R posted 1778 days ago

    Steve R

    Woo! Featured Columnist 2 :D

  • Dave Radcliffe posted 1813 days ago

    Dave Radcliffe

    Tank ya :)

  • Steve R posted 1813 days ago

    Steve R

    Stacking up the stats, congrats on your progress so far brah

  • Dave Radcliffe posted 1911 days ago

    Dave Radcliffe

    Thanks, Tyler, much appreciated!

  • Tyler Brooke posted 1911 days ago

    Tyler Brooke

    Good articles! I have to support fellow Packers fans!

  • John Northup posted 1913 days ago

    John Northup

    Sorry Mr. Radcliffe, you have lost complete crediblity with your Johnny Manzeil comparison in regards top B12 defenses not being any good....apparently you know nothing about major college football, because TEXAS A&M PLAYS IN THE SEC YOU INBECILE!!! You may have just made the point, however, that perhaps the SEC defenses are'n that good????? Jhanny Manzeil has NEVER played in the B12 !!!!! Maybe you can go cover women's basketball....

    "Klein benefits immensely from playing in the Big 12, a conference that features little to no defense. Aside from the defenses of Kansas State and Oklahoma, there is a lot left to be desired in the Big 12, and that makes things pretty easy on Klein.

    Just look at the numbers Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel has been able to put up—as a freshman. Four of the top five quarterbacks in passing efficiency are from the Big 12, and it's not because they're the best in the business."-Dave Radcliffe

  • Dave Radcliffe posted 1935 days ago

    Dave Radcliffe

    Oh thanks!

  • Steve R posted 1935 days ago

    Steve R

    Congrats on the featured columnist position!