Kellye -  Medic88

Kellye - Medic88


Not a whole lot to tell ya --- work EXTREMELY ACTIVE SCHEDULES as a Nurse and Paramedic for various Stock Car Racing Companies/Organizations. SO, I'm generally on the move, travelling hither and yon from Wed - Thurs thru Sun - Mon and don't have a lotta down time, so don't get online on various CHAT SITES too often. Do check in constantly for any racing updates and what all's being fed out by Media - PR Teams of any of my drivers. Pretty much all racing right here folks --- it's my job and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, even though ya do have to make sacrifices -- LOTS OF THEM and ALL THE TIME !! haha ---- That's about it for now --- if there's something else you wanna know, just drop me a line and ASK !!! LOL Later, gaterz !!

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