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  • Josh Cohen posted 2018 days ago

    Josh Cohen

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for writing to me. Allow me to explain.

    The scenarios that I laid out were what I thought the price for Luongo is, not what it should be. I never said the Maple Leafs must get Luongo and must give up that king's ransom to get him. If Burke wants to hold onto his picks, the way to do it goes something along the lines of stripping the organization of its young talent. But he could always stay the course and move forward without Luongo, which I think is probably the way to go at this point.

    You're right, the majority of people commenting on that article are saying the price I laid out is too high. Read through it, however, and you'll see that amidst the Toronto fans, some Canucks supporters wrote in too. They also think I'm delusional, because why would Gilles listen to such an insultingly low offer?

    So the disparity here is between a Vezina-caliber goalie and a 33-year old with an awful contract. No one's going to agree on what he's worth. All I wanted to do is to lay out some alternative ways to get him, that would in turn show just how fruitless these trade talks are.

    I hope I helped clear some of this up. I had tried to do this for the early comments on the board, but the response became overwhelming and I couldn't keep up. Later I'll jump back in and issue a little more public of an explanation.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for expressing yourself,