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From 2003 - 2007, I was a weekly columnist for wrestling, movies, television and sports on a very popular pop-culture site. At the same time, I was one of two editors responsible for article submissions on one of if not the largest wrestling database websites in the world. I was also a part of a weekly podcast covering any number of things for almost a year.

I walked away from it all four years ago but recently got the itch to write again. So here I am.

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  • JW Nix posted 2858 days ago

    JW Nix

    PLEASE Read this story on a Lions and Rams Legend :

  • JW Nix posted 2976 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this :


  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3156 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    New one. Had to write one about Dan!


  • Michael Schottey posted 3156 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    A look at the Detroit Lions' defensive backfield:


  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3159 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Wow! Thanks for becoming a fan. That is heady stuff coming from you.

    I guess you liked my last couple of offerings, eh?

    Thanks...very much so.

    I'll be expecting better critiques now. ;-)

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3159 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Needs some edit work maybe? :-)


  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3162 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Today's offering.


  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3163 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    BTW, since you "got" my humor, wondering if you liked the other pieces I wrote. I especially enjoyed writing these two.



  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3164 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    I replied to your comment on the article comments section (see below too).

    You can email me at phil@TotallyWriteousCopy.com too.

    Really glad you liked it enough to help me. I know editors are busy enough. :-)

    Thanks. Guilty as charged.

    I really do appreciate your thoughts and taking the time to try and improve my writing. Good stuff. Most people wouldn't care enough to say something. I only look smart. :-)

    You're right on with most of this too. I actually thought the same thing on several of your points as I wrote it. I knew about Stafford's contract clarifications (17 million is more like it), but didn't want to get into that much detail and digress into explaining why it wasn't 41, almost added North to NFC and should have, good catch on pro bowl, using "but" to start a sentence I knew about, but I like bending that one once in a while, probably from writing fiction dialogue, and the "too" was one of the editors here at B/R's change on my original draft).

    You can email me at my web site www.TotallyWriteousCopy.com and I hope you do. A wise man loves reproof.