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  • Valtteri J Murtonen posted 1688 days ago

    Valtteri J Murtonen

    Yo, just saw your suggestions for Brad Kurtzberg, on what topics to write about. You know, it's great that readers have good ideas too and hopefully the writers can help themselves off those ideas too (props to Tom Schreier btw) but it's not always too simple. See, if you just take a topic and throw some facts in, you'll end up with a Steve Silverman article. Writing is a big thing, nothing to take lightly. Some of the writers around here really put TONS of effort in writing this stuff, maybe even preparing them for weeks. The east bias seems bigger than it really is because of guys like Silverman and Tom Urtz, who keep writing about poster boys much like ESPN, and I think it's important to keep guys that follow the East more focused on the East, and the same thing for the West, just for quality purposes. From what I've seen of your comments around here you've usually got some nice points too, and I could even imagine you as a writer, but I'm sure you, too, would rather take quality over quantity(see Silverman). If I had the time, I'd clearly be willing to write for this site too. But for now? I'll just go with 'let professionals be professionals.'

  • Eric Steitz posted 1751 days ago

    Eric Steitz

    appreciate the fan add, Dave.