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I have spent a large portion of my life in Denver. During that time I have become a huge fan of all of the local teams. My favorite sports are football and basketball, but nothing beats being at the ballpark on a warm summer evening.
As I said, I root for all of my local professional teams, but I do have other rooting interests as well. I like Colorado State football, mainly because my Dad went there. I love Kansas Jayhawks basketball, again because Pops went there and still roots for them. I like the Seattle Mariners, the side effect of spending time in Seattle when my sister lived there. I went to loads of M's games to kill time and fell in love with the team.
Besides that, I recently completed college with a degree in Communications. I live in Denver with my fiancee, our two dogs and one lazy grumpy cat.
I am commonly referred to as Broncs (my YouGabSports profile) or B4LRN (Broncs4LifeRaidersNever, my Sporting News id). If you are on either site, feel free to drop me a line

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    Jack Anderson

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    Sorry this article is so 11th hour. Had a family situation come up. Anyway...

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    Hey Check out my latest offering and tel me what you think.

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    Mike  Kent

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