Born and Raised in Northern New Jersey, Nick is a die-hard Giants, Yankees, & Devils fan. Nick moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2002 and lives with his wife Jamie of Suffern, NY, his newborn son Anthony, and their Cocker Spaniel - Tiki. Yes, the dog was named after Tiki Barber. Nick travels to roughly two Giants games each year, Giants-Eagles in Philly and the closest away game to Florida. Nick ritualistically attends the final home game each year at Giants Stadium. Nick is a perennial Fantasy Football participant (usually makes the playoffs) and follows all of the games on Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket. Nick's 2nd team is the Jacksonville Jaguars who desperately need the fan base in such a College Football Town (Gators @#$%!!!) . As a Miami Hurricanes Alumnus, Nick has disapproved of the Jags drafting mostly former Gators to please the local community. Go Giants! Go Jags! Move them chains!

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  • JW Nix posted 2021 days ago

    JW Nix

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  • Jake D'Agostino posted 2190 days ago

    Jake D'Agostino

    Hey what's up Nick?
    I just finished part two of my preseason predictions for the nfc pro bowl squad and I wanted to know if you can read and give me some feedback.
    Thanks a lot

  • Jake D'Agostino posted 2211 days ago

    Jake D'Agostino

    Thanks a lot for the support. By the way, I read and commented both of your articles, and I must say, I was a big fan of both. Keep up the good work man

  • Jake D'Agostino posted 2213 days ago

    Jake D'Agostino

    Hey Nick,
    I just posted an article on Brett Favre, and wanted your feedback. Thanks:
    Also, whenever you post an article, feel free to let me know about it. I would enjoy reading. Thanks a lot!

  • Chris DiLeo posted 2228 days ago

    Chris DiLeo

    I also think you are smart getting out of the Northeast & moving down south where the weather is great!!

    I've talking about getting out of NY (live in Dutchess County) & moving to Florida for years!! Funny thing, I always say "I guess I'll have to become a Jags fan if I move".......lol

  • Chris DiLeo posted 2228 days ago

    Chris DiLeo

    Hey Nick, nice article on Jennings......yeah, great minds think alike! lol. I already commented on your article, before I read this post....

    No problem, man. With so many writers on the site, it's pretty hard not to duplicate some of the articles. I liked your take on it.